Build Single-Page Web Applications with AngularJS

Enhance your solutions core capabilities with an interactive user interface for all pages.

Why choose AngularJS for your next project?

AngularJS is a fully extensible, MVC-based, third-party integration-supported, real-time app development framework for next-gen applications.

Trusted Framework

AngularJS is trusted by Google, Deloitte, UpWork, and more.

Two-Way Data Binding

Any changes in applications are reflected immediately in both views.

Highly Customizable

The framework offers highly customizable components for interactive UIs.


Develop lightweight applications that are user-friendly and flexible.

Tntra’s AngularJS Services

Our AngularJS development services can help ensure affordable development without compromising on quality. We provide:

Web Development

We build quickly marketable applications for the web and develop interactive user interfaces.

AngularJS Consulting

Our experts provide framework consulting to ensure your application is operating smoothly.

Strategy Development

We enable strategic business outcomes by building an application plan using AngularJS.

Support & Maintenance

We offer day-to-day application maintenance and upgradation support for your application.

We provide AngularJS development and consulting across a wide spectrum of industries.



Real Estate

Social Networking






Case Study

Tntra believes that a good company builds and delivers marquee products and services.

But, a great company impacts the lives of all of its stakeholders for the better.

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