Cognitive Computing for Forward-Thinking Businesses

Tntra provides cognitive computing expertise for developing next-generation apps.

Why Cognitive Computing?

Building interactive experiences is the foundation of cognitive computing. It enables taking data-based decisions for solving complex business problems. Cognitive computing is highly useful for the following:

Data Collection

Collect data from diverse structured and unstructured sources for analytics.


Train the algorithm for better perception, reasoning, and deduction of concepts.

Error Detection

Troubleshoot problems by rapidly identifying errors through cognitive models.

Decision Making

Generate valuable insights from data and make informed business decisions.

High Retention Rate

Deliver an interactive experience for retaining customers and better loyalty.

Spot Opportunities

Identify patterns and spot business opportunities from hidden data structures.

Tntra’s Cognitive Computing Expertise

We provide a cognitive computing framework to solve complex business problems. Tntra offers a flexible, creative, and iterative model for the implementation of algorithms. Our capabilities focus on scientific disciplines and signal processing.

Here’s our industry expertise in Cognitive Computing:

Computer Vision

Natural Language Processing

Big Data Analytics

Business Intelligence

Self-Serving Portal

AR / VR Applications

We combined data science with cognitive computing to deliver optimum results. We have expertise in statistical analysis, computations, and programming for building cognitive computing solutions. Tntra enables digital transformation by developing interactive and contextual experiences.

Our Cognitive Computing Services

Tntra provides 4 primary Cognitive Computing services.

Solution Consulting

We offer expertise in building cognitive solutions for digital assistants, query resolutions, and map out a strategy for their implementation.

Product Development

We build custom solutions based on industry requirements through open-source and proprietary tools for cognitive computing.

Software Integration

We provide cognitive software integration with web applications to achieve revenue-generating outcomes for customer and enterprise-centric systems.

Product Testing

We leverage our technical expertise to test software products built using cognitive computing and ensure that models are working seamlessly.

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