Develop Embedded Systems & Dynamic Web Apps with C++

Create device drivers or build desktop & web applications with a rich user interface.

Why choose C++ for your next project?

Whether you want to build multimedia solutions, SDKs, device software, or support packages, C++ is the technology for a wide variety of applications.


C++ is written in English so it's easy to understand and write.


It is object-oriented, enabling better flexibility through polymerism.

Rich Ecosystem

In-built C++ header files & functionalities that reduce development time.

Memory Allocation

C++ supports dynamic memory allocation and management techniques.

Tntra’s C++ Services

We provide the following C++ services with established company resources:

Application Development

We develop cross-platform applications and widgets as well as provide API programming for C++.

System Programming

We use C++ for programming to integrate critical systems into the business’s existing technical architecture.

Application Testing

Our developers will also test applications to see if it is scalable and conduct performance testing, integration testing.

Embedded Software

Our team offers firmware development for machines and devices to enhance your business processes and operations.

We provide C++ development and consulting across a wide spectrum of industries.



Real Estate

Social Networking






Case Study

Tntra believes that a good company builds and delivers marquee products and services.

But, a great company impacts the lives of all of its stakeholders for the better.

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