Virtualize your transactions with Cryptocurrency

Tntra offers expertise to develop tokens and build payment solutions for availing digital currency.

Why Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is built on a secure blockchain network. It enables faster transactions, protected investments, and provides a universal portal for wealth management. Distributed blockchain technology is more secure than online servers for currency management.

Eliminate Complications

Minimize the formal paperwork and lengthy processes in transactions.

Secure Transactions

Protect the financial history and secure transactions through exchanges.

No Transaction Fees

There are no transaction fees associated as the currency is mined.

Simplify International Transactions

Receive and pay cryptocurrency without easily over the blockchain network.

Mobile Access

Enable customers to access tokens and currency through the Smartphone.

Instant Settlement

Cryptocurrency enables real-time, instant settlement without any third-party.

Tntra’s Cryptocurrency Expertise

Tntra develops scalable and secure cryptocurrency networks and systems. We provide an ecosystem for digital financial companies to thrive through crypto platforms. We offer utility and security-backed tokens for easing the transaction management process.

Here’s our industry expertise in Cryptocurrency:



Smart Contracts

Contract Audit

Crypto Mining

Data Masking

We tailor cryptocurrency solutions as per your requirements. Our expertise lies in the healthcare, finance, insurance, education, and networking sector. We help you build a decentralized enterprise through distributed blockchain technology.

Our Cryptocurrency Services

Tntra provides 4 primary Cryptocurrency services.

Cryptocurrency Development

We build specific tokens and cryptocurrencies for your business that trigger actions and events based on the transactions.

Digital Wallets

We provide an ecosystem for developing digital and cryptocurrency wallets for better managing your wealth and investment.

Exchange Platforms

We provide enabling technologies to accommodate exchange development to facilitate cryptocurrency exchange.

Cryptocurrency Consulting

We offer complete cryptocurrency consulting and make use of blockchain to deliver the best solution for your business.

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