Protect your valuable IT Assets & Infrastructure

Tntra provides end-to-end Cybersecurity for data privacy and protection.

Why Cybersecurity?

Accumulation of data and interconnected systems makes data insecure. Cybersecurity is essential to eliminate these vulnerabilities from the IT infrastructure.

Identify Potential Threats

Identify networking issues, system problems, and IP modifications.

Quick Preventive Action

Prepare your IT team with the security knowledge to take quick actions.

Better Risk Management

Cybersecurity assessment enables improved risk management for data.

Unify Security System

Transform your security into a unified system for better alerts and responses.

Develop Cloud Protection

Secure your application and infrastructure when moving to the cloud.

Protect Sensitive Information

Protect your personally identifiable information from external threats.

Tntra’s CyberSecurity Expertise

Cybersecurity enables rapid detection of threats. Tntra offers a security center that provides complete security assessment, protection, and system maintenance.

Here’s our comprehensive process of Cybersecurity:

Assessing Business System Risk

Identifying Emerging Threats

Detecting Internal System Weakness

Mitigating Security Risks

Training IT Personnel

Implementing New Policies

We help in the documentation of Cybersecurity risks, mitigation strategies, and regulations. Our experts help with security compliance and governance by developing a blueprint for data protection.

Our Cybersecurity Services

We offer 4 data and Cybersecurity services.

Risk Management

We identify the loopholes in the internal system. Our experts develop a comprehensive risk management program with policies to mitigate threats & vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity Strategy

We develop a complete strategy for Cybersecurity and data protection. Our team prepares a blueprint for the assessment, testing, and deployment of secure systems.

System Monitoring

We provide networking monitoring and system maintenance to protect your data. We detect critical errors and threats by regularly evaluating operational systems.

Data Governance

We leverage technical expertise to handle massive volumes of data in the right manner. Our team augments your cybersecurity infrastructure and protects data.

Tntra’s Cybersecurity Capabilities

Cybersecurity experts at Tntra are adept in multiple areas including:

Security Assessment

Virtual CISO

Governance & Compliance

Security Education

Penetration Testing

Phishing & Threat Detection

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