Data Science for Impactful Business Decisions

Tntra offers data science domain knowledge to make the best use of data.

Why Data Science?

Data science provides operational benefits. It brings improvements to business performance in every industry. The benefits include:

Higher Productivity

Identify the root cause of production loss & inefficiency through datasets.

Better Customer Service

Deliver a personalized customer experience on web and mobile apps.

Improved Conversions

Better lead conversions with models that streamline the sales processes.

Behavior Prediction

Predict customer behavior and adjust product strategy to meet their needs.

Pattern Recognition

Identify patterns in datasets for grading, counting, and automated analysis.

More Opportunities

Identify market opportunities by generating valuable insights from data.

Tntra’s Data Science Expertise

Data science is a modern company’s best companion. Meaningful insights, hidden patterns, and analytical reporting are crucial for sustainable businesses. Tntra helps you make sense of structured and unstructured data to deliver impact.

Here’s our comprehensive process of working with data science:

Business Problem Identification

Data Collection & Gathering

Refinement & Modification

Design Recommendations

Mode Development & Deployment

Continuous Model Monitoring

We help in transforming information into knowledge. We develop predictive models, recommendation engines, and business intelligence models. We have quick data search capabilities, resources to arrange data patterns, and the ability to build rapid & scalable models.

Our Data Science Services

Tntra provides 4 primary data science services.

Solution Consulting

We create a roadmap to transform your organization into a data-driven enterprise. Our experts provide consulting services for examining your existing data operations. We develop a holistic strategy for model deployment.

Solution Development

We research, gather and prepare data for building a model. After proper refinement and transformation, we develop a data science model. The implementation stages ensure adjusting the model into the business use case.

Model Improvement

We can improve your existing data science model. Our experts can eliminate noise from dirty data, adjust predictions, and fix data inconsistencies. We provide model enhancements by bringing in multiple sources of data.

Product Maintenance

We collaborate with subject-matter experts to maintain your data model. Tntra provides on-going support & maintenance to your existing or new data science solution. We help in improving the quality of predictions and patterns.

Tntra’s Data Science Capabilities

Data scientists at Tntra are adept in multiple areas of expertise including:

Data Warehousing

Data Mining

Statistical Analysis

Distributed Computing

Database Architecture

Data Visualization

Data Science Technologies





Apache MXNet


Sci-kit Learn



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