Improve Your End-to-End Development Pipeline

Tntra offers DevOps consulting to streamline your workload and achieve operation efficiency.

Why DevOps?

DevOps aligns strategy, development, and deployment. It leads to a faster app development lifecycle through quality, speed, and agility. DevOps is essential for continuous delivery of releases on the enterprise cloud.

Faster Product Development

Build products faster by streamlining workflow management through agile processes.

Continuous Product Delivery

Achieve a rapid release cycle through DevOps by continuous iteration and testing.

Team Communication

Improve collaboration through teams that communicate progress reports on-the-go.

Stable Operating Environment

Reduce uncertainties and redundancies by creating an efficiency development lifecycle.

Eliminate Discrepancies

Minimize the gaps in product development and delivery for better operational efficiency.

Tntra’s DevOps Consulting Expertise

We provide an ecosystem of rapid product development. Tntra focuses on collaboration and team effectiveness to build timely products. We offer the continuous integration/ continuous delivery model for fast software releases and better reliability.

Here’s our comprehensive DevOps consulting process:

Strategy Development

Technology Identification

DevOps Execution

Regular Monitoring

Continuous Management

Digital Transformation

We provide deep expertise in cloud enablement and deployment. Tntra supports feedback-centric app development to improve collaboration and communication between DevOps teams and clients. We help build products from the ground up for quickly satisfying the market demands.

Our DevOps Consulting Services

Tntra provides 3 primary DevOps services.

End-to-End Implementation

We set up infrastructure as a code and provide complete integration, testing, deployment, and delivery of products.

Cloud Consulting

We offer DevOps consulting for cloud implementation through Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and DigitalOcean.

Strategy & Planning

We develop DevOps strategy for improving the product development lifecycle and build a roadmap to implement the DevOps culture.

DevOps Technologies









Apache Ant

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