Achieve process autonomy with Embedded Systems

Tntra offers end-to-end solutions for embedded technologies to automate and optimize processes.

Why Embedded Systems?

Intelligent systems govern the effectiveness of business processes. Interconnectedness is the new gateway to connect different aspects of organizations and consumer journeys.

Support Specific Functions

Embedded systems design to perform specific business operations.

Next-Gen Devices

Most embedded systems now focus on IoT, AI, and ML-based products.

Optimize Lifecycle

Enabling technologies to focus on optimization of the asset lifecycle.

Interconnected Ecosystem

Generate valuable insights from data and make informed business decisions.

Tntra’s Embedded Technologies Potential

Embedded Technology experts at Tntra are adept in multiple areas, including:

Internet of Things

Artificial Intelligence

Firmware Development

Web / REST API Interface

Multimedia Development

Systems Verification

Our Embedded Services

Tntra provides 4 primary Embedded Services.

Embedded Design

We provide new product design, feature enhancement, electronic hardware upgrade, firmware design, and software application development.

Hardware Design

Tntra has experts in hardware design who can develop new circuits, build prototypes, and provide high-end power-optimized solutions to industries.

Embedded Software

We offer real-time embedded software solutions for GUI development, feature enhancement, OS porting, device drivers, and wireless stacks.

System Architecture

We have experts for complete systems architecture development, control system management, schematic design, FPGA, and RF design.

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