Build Enterprise-Grade Immersive Experiences

Tntra offers expertise in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality for customer-centric apps.

Why Extended Reality?

Immersive experiences deliver real-world learning through virtual devices. Stakeholders collaborate better and efficiently. Customer engagement improves through innovative applications that provide personalized VR and AR experiences.

Better Training

VR and AR solutions provide a clear understanding of business processes in real-time.

High Engagement

Customers engage better when they can touch the product and get a virtual experience.

Educate Customers

AR creates virtual learning environments for educating customers about the products.

Scenario Creation

Build scenarios that are otherwise impossible to create and stimulate problem-solving.

Process Exploration

Enable employees to explore various scenarios and improve business processes.

Experiential Learning

Facilitate learning from mistakes and eliminate dangers in real-world applications.

Tntra’s Extended Reality Expertise

We drive Extended Reality by combining it with Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. Tntra delivers end-to-end solutions for immersive experiences. We build interactive solutions, enabling a better retention rate and offering significant business benefits.

Here’s our industry expertise in Extended Reality:

Product Development

User Training

Design Testing

Interactive AR, VR and MR

We build a visualization environment with real-world variables. Employees collaborate better when they learn through immersing in business processes. Tntra offers Extended Reality expertise in gaming, architecture, healthcare, manufacturing, among other industries.

Our Extended Reality Services

Tntra provides 4 primary Extended Reality services.

Augmented Reality

We build products that augment the customer experience and improve engagement by bringing virtual objects to the real world.

Virtual Reality

We develop an immersive experience by stimulating an artificial environment for training and optimizing business processes.

Mixed Reality

We combined AR and VR to develop an environment where both virtual and real-world objects can interact to deliver a better experience.

360° Experiences

We create a 360° experience by delivering images and videos through extended reality models that cover a braod range of learning.

Extended Reality Technologies

Apple ARkit


Google ARCore


AR Toolkit


Amazon Sumerian

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