Drive Innovation and Build Sustainable Products at Tntra

We promote creativity and new product ideas that can deliver a positive impact.

Our Open Innovation Ecosystem

Tntra’s open innovation ecosystem fosters invention and discovery. We transform ideas into reality through innovative products. The innovation platform produces meaningful results through collaborative action and well-coordinated resources. Startups that require innovation can take advantage of Tntra’s creative potential.

What do we offer?

We provide an interconnected system of skills, experts, and resources to drive creative and sustainable product development. Innovation is at the heart of Tntra - we welcome new ideas and facilitate their achievement.

Tntra helps companies with:

A global innovation network of domain experts

New product development across industries

Gap fulfillment of an existing product or service

Meet your customers with the latest technology

We eliminate the challenges with creative products. Our experts from diverse fields provide multiple perspectives on the same problem. It also simplifies your decision-making process.

Tntra’s open innovation platform is the playing field for collaborative teams. We provide an atmosphere of creativity and sustainability so that emerging startups can transform into world-changing enterprises.

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