Program Scalable & Versatile Web Applications with Java

We provide platform-independent development for mobile and cloud-based applications.

Why choose Java for your next project?

Java helps in delivering high-performance applications. You can write once and run anywhere with Java, enabling faster application development and rendering.


Java code is easily reusable and improves software maintenance.


Java provides applets for development, handy for visualization.


Java can perform several tasks within the application at once.

Rich APIs

APIs for database connection, networking, and XML parsing.

Tntra’s Java Offerings

We provide the following JAVA development services with established company resources:

Web App Development

We create modular and scalable applications with JAVA that are also responsive.

API Development

We develop high-performance, lightweight, and secure REST API for applications.

Enterprise Integration

We swiftly integrate one or more modules or data from one application into another.

Application Migration

We migrate your business applications to incorporate modern architecture and UI/UX.

We provide JAVA development and consulting across a wide spectrum of industries.



Real Estate

Social Networking






Case Study

Tntra believes that a good company builds and delivers marquee products and services.

But, a great company impacts the lives of all of its stakeholders for the better.

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