Transform Ideas into World-Changing Products

Tntra connects technology and domain experts to build innovative and sustainable products.

Tntra’s Pod Capabilities

We offer creative pods, which are an ecosystem for building products. Every pod comprises developers, domain experts, and analysts who bring your idea to fruition. We equip you with the latest technology to support your products. Pods have multi-functional teams that work on different parts of a project.

Build a Distributed Workforce

Combine Technical & Domain Expertise

Access Physical & Virtual Resources

Develop Impactful Products

Tntra Pod Structure

Every pod has a structured team that performs specific functions. We provide a pod for 18 to 36 months - until your product is ready and you are prepared to take over. It comprises software developers, project managers, domain experts, business analysts, and third-party stakeholders.

The pod has multiple focus areas - product engineering, existing app maintenance, research & development, digital transformation, and more. Every pod will serve different project requirements, with experts for its succession at all stages.

Once the pod has served its purpose, it will mature into a core base for your product. You can take over the pod, along with their learnings and knowledge, and transform it into your in-house team. By splitting the pod, we are providing the essential knowledge and skills to you - thereby helping you retain the IP for your product.

Tntra Pod Models

There are three different pod models that facilitate startups & enterprises at Tntra.

Tntra PIE

The primary focus is People, IP, and Expertise. We provide the right people for your pod, help you retain the knowledge & learning of the process, and offer domain experts who can guide and train the team.

Tntra 6-3-1

The team composition of 6-3-1 includes 6 junior members, 3 mid-level members, and 1 domain expert for each pod. It is the perfect combination of strategy and development processes.

Tntra Pod Maturity

We hire the right people and train them for your pod. After 24 months, the pod matures, and you can take over the team. It will have the knowledge and resources to work as your in-house team.

Tntra IP Maintenance

At Tntra, we believe in maintaining the IP - the knowledge and learnings - for every product. When you mature a pod, the resources should stay with you. IP creation and maintenance are focused primarily on handing you over the entire knowledge gained at every stage - whether it’s strategizing the product details or developing core functionalities.

Each member of the pod delivers specific outcomes - and the entire knowledge stays with you. Since the team develops a proper understanding of your product, it is better equipped to maintain your product. We pass on the baton of skills & resources to you after the pod is matured.

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