Automate Business Processes with Ease

Tntra’s RPA experts help you reduce redundancy and multiply operational efficiency.

Why Robotic Process Automation?

RPA reduces the delivery time for each activity. Mundane operations become seamless with a virtual workforce dedicated to solving repetitive problems. A simple trigger is enough to multiply your efficiency, accuracy, and productivity by 50% to 75%.

Quality & Accuracy

RPA bots deliver high-quality work and multiply the accuracy of business processes.

Simple Activation

Trigger RPA algorithms with the help of simple push buttons or specific credentials.

Employee Empowerment

Enable employees to focus on creative tasks while delegating mundane ones to RPA.

Reduce Costs

Save operational costs by deploying bots with a one-time investment for the long run.

Business Insights

Drive valuable business insights by combining RPA with Machine Learning solutions.

Enhanced Service

Improve customer service by deploying RPA bots for quick query response & assistance.

Tntra’s Robotic Process Automation Expertise

We provide end-to-end expertise in business process automation, legacy system migration, and integrating RPA in the IT infrastructure. Tntra builds optimal automation methods for multiple industries. We build compliance and governance with each RPA implementation.

Here’s our comprehensive RPA implementation process:

Discovery & Analysis

Strategy & Planning

Infrastructure Setup

Bot Development

Testing & Deployment

Support & Maintenance

We build an RPA deployment strategy that also involves organization change management. Tntra offers expertise to develop cognitive automation solutions as well as screen automation systems. We empower companies by providing analytical expertise in RPA.

Our Robotic Process Automation Services

Tntra provides 6 primary Robotic Process Automation services.

Web & API Automation

We provide RPA solutions for Web & API automation to increase the efficiency in application testing.

ERP Automation

We offer complete SAP and Salesforce automation to properly manage the dashboards, leads, and marketing opportunities.

Invoice Automation

We develop solutions for automating invoices, payments, and reports that enable smoother transaction management.

Data Extraction

Our team builds solutions for automating the data extraction process from PDFs and excel documents with complete accuracy.

Report Automation

Tntra provides expertise in automating report generation for deriving valuable insights in less time and deliver more results.

Email Automation

We offer complete email automation services to save time in sending standard emails to customers and interdepartment teams.

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