Application Support for Improving Software Performance

Tntra provides software maintenance and support to optimize applications & IT systems.

Our App & Software Maintenance Services

Tntra assembles the best talent for application maintenance and support. We engage skilled developers on each project to achieve efficiency in existing products and eliminate any bottlenecks that may arise. Our support & maintenance services include:

App Infrastructure Maintenance

We leverage our technical expertise to provide support for app infrastructure, including cloud platforms, database & storage, and development environment.

New Version Development

We offer new version development and release by adding features to your existing application and ensuring it is up-to-date with the industry standards.

Continuous App Improvement

We improve your existing app’s performance through continuous improvements in the systems architecture, functionalities, and user interface.

Testing & Deployment Support

We provide complete support for testing & deployment of applications and ensure optimum applications by analyzing root causes and fixing bugs.

Tntra’s App Maintenance Ecosystem

Our developers augment system and application quality by leveraging their experience and knowledge of industry trends. Tntra’s application maintenance & support ecosystem includes:

Incident Cause Analytics

Continuous App Improvement

Bug Fixes & Deployment Support

App Configuration Management

Supplementary Solutions

Resolving Software Queries

We provide dedicated developers for maintaining your existing or new applications. From mobile application maintenance and support to web portal improvements - our developers have a complete understanding of business systems. We implement new functionalities, make changes to the existing ones, and reduce your app maintenance cost by suggesting strategic changes in your products.

Tntra’s Enabling Technologies

Our enabling technologies cover all aspects of the support & maintenance landscape. From backend development to front-end designing, our technology stack is perfect for complete application maintenance and software support.

Tntra’s Industry Expertise

We have already served clients in 10+ countries. Our current clientele is in industries like:



Real Estate

Social Networking






Case Study

Tntra believes that a good company builds and delivers marquee products and services.

But, a great company impacts the lives of all of its stakeholders for the better.

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