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eCommerce Marketplace Case Study for a Vintage Fashion Brand

  • Industry: eCommerce
  • Location: Singapore


In a world driven by fast fashion, vintage enthusiasts often find themselves struggling to unearth unique pieces from the past. Our client recognized this challenge and saw a broader need – to connect these aficionados with suppliers and streamline the intricacies of inventory management, returns, and revenue tracking. Moreover, they aspired to offer a vintage shopping experience that resonated with the discerning tastes of their clientele.

Enter Tntra's eCommerce platform built on the adaptable Spree commerce framework. Its versatility allowed our team to tailor various features, ensuring every facet of vintage fashion procurement and management was addressed. From seamless checkout workflows to sophisticated wish listings, the platform redefines the vintage shopping journey.

With a keen focus on user experience and a suite of specialized tools, our solution guarantees an effortless shopping experience and efficient supplier management. By integrating analytics and custom extensions, we empower clients to wield insights, optimize operations, and create a thriving vintage fashion community. Learn more about how Tntra's eCommerce platform helped the client create a marketplace for vintage fashion.

Technologies Used
  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL
  • Jquery
  • Spree Commerce
  • Amazon AWS
Services Provided
  • Online Marketplace - eCommerce
  • Web App Development
  • Automated Software Testing
  • Support & Maintenance

Business Problem

Develop an online marketplace that would bring together suppliers and enthusiasts of vintage clothing. Customers currently have trouble finding antique clothing and accessories online.

The platform needed to manage suppliers, inventory, returns, and revenue efficiently—a multifaceted operational challenge.

A primary objective was to deliver a user experience that had an authentic vintage vibe. This demanded meticulous attention to detail and curation.

The lack of integration for a payment gateway, authorization, and an installment platform posed a significant barrier to seamless transactions.

The pivotal challenge was navigating the migration process from legacy Ruby and Spree versions. This was a critical undertaking for platform modernization and enhanced functionality.

Project Goal

  1. Develop an online store of luxurious vintage products for women with all the required authentications.
  2. Enable seamless customer support for consumers to contact the team for any support.
  3. Ensure a quick and easy single-page checkout.
  4. Reduce the page's loading time by adding the rails caching and Cloudflare CDN for image caching.
  5. Provide different delivery methods so customers can get the order based on their requirements.


  1. Tntra built a powerful eCommerce application using the Spree commerce platform, a highly flexible platform to support significant customization possibilities and overcome every eCommerce challenge.
  2. Our developers built a complete eCommerce solution that provided vintage lovers a way to purchase vintage fashion online.
  3. The team resolved all the payment-related issues & simplified the shopping experience.
  4. Implemented a special alert notification for the users based on their personal choices, priorities, and shopping interests.
  5. We also migrated the Spree and Rails versions by developing a deep understanding of the e-commerce platform.

Business Impact

  1. The company achieved a remarkable increment in revenue by launching an e-commerce platform for its products.
  2. The platform was highly user-friendly, which helped them to provide a better shopping experience to their customers.
  3. Search engine enhancement improved the search results. Due to this, sales increased, which directly benefitted the seller. It also led to an increase in the buying rate of old products in the system for a very long time.


Have a look at the top features that our developers incorporated into the solution.

Powerful User Experience

We used the powerful RESTful API to create a fluid single-page checkout workflow for a powerful user experience and a seamless checkout process.


Users can build wishlists to easily navigate items they are interested in without adding to the cart. Wish list items are also used to target users with specific product recommendations.

Custom Extensions

We built custom extensions to add support for managing suppliers, their inventories, sales, returns, and revenue sharing, simplifying the management process.


We provided integration with Google Analytics and CartStack to understand and optimize customer behavior and better target them on the website.

Tntra Diamond

Tntra Diamond

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