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Tntra Delivers Groundbreaking API Specifications for the Digital Convergence Initiative

Tntra has once again succeeded for its clients. Working with a global healthcare consulting organization, Tntra contributed significantly to the Digital Convergence Initiative. This program seeks to create an open, transparent, online community to promote worldwide consensus on social protection information systems standards...

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Celebrating Excellence: Tntra's Annual Award Ceremony Honors Achievements and Fosters Team Building

Tntra, a leading software product engineering company, happily announces the successful conduct of its inaugural Annual Awards Ceremony on December 26, 2023. The event's objective was to celebrate accomplishments while nurturing unity and collaboration among teams..

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1000Farmacie Experiences a 240% CAGR as a Result of Tntra's Technology Stack Enhancement

Tntra’s web and mobile app development services help 1000Farmacie achieve 240% growth in a month after relaunch. Read the PR to learn more.

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Tntra and Seed Group Announce Partnership to deliver Sustainable Innovation across critical industries in UAE/GCC/MENA

Tntra and Seed Group to deliver digital transformation, new economy and future-of-work solutions, to enterprises, universities and government agencies.

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Tntra Partners with a Leading Spare Parts Manufacturer to Build a Next-gen ERP System

The solution will streamline critical business processes through a centralized system and connect all departments for better decision-making.

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Tntra Builds an Innovative eCommerce Marketplace for Vintage Fashion Store

The store brings fashion lovers in Singapore closer to carefully curated vintage and luxury fashion products.

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Tntra Develops InspectDate for Revolutionize Real Estate Project Management

The solution enables bank-authorized personnel to manage inspection requests of different companies that have taken loans from the bank.

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Tntra Develops Document Processing Platform for a Large Freight Forwarding Company

Tntra is focused on the means to the end, bringing everything committed individuals or teams need to deliver successfully on a global stage. Continuing this pursuit of committing excellence to clients...

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Tntra, Global Innovation Ecosystem, Announces it's In-Country Expansion in Japan

Tntra is excited to announce the expansion of its in-country presence in Japan. Tntra has a unique global innovation ecosystem that provides software engineering services...

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Tntra and Invenio Partner to Create an Intelligent Analytics Platform

Tntra and Invenio have partnered to create a platform that offers detailed data analysis about a company. From inception till the end, Tntra has extended complete engineering collaboration and support to Invenio.

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The Tntra Podcast launches Episode 4 with Charles Cella, focuses on IP and Patent Practices

The Tntra Podcast is back again with another insightful episode. In this podcast episode, host Mehul Desai interviews Charles Cella about the first of the three P’s of intellectual property patents.

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Tntra to offer the full suite of Odoo ERP Solutions to Enterprises and Startups

Tntra, a trusted product engineering partner, is now offering Odoo ERP for business solutions to utilize existing standards for global features to reduce customizations. Enterprises requiring Odoo solutions can provide requirements to Tntra.

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1000farmacie partners with Tntra for its Technology needs

Tntra partners with 1000farmacie, one of the leading online pharmacies in Italy, with over 100,000 products available at the market price. They provide complete e-pharmacy service to the customers through a network of pharmacies under their umbrellas.

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Tntra Podcast with Mr. Dilip Asbe, Insights on the Evolution of Indian FinTech

The Tntra Podcast has launched its third episode with Mr. Dilip Asbe, MD & CEO of the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). He talks about the transformation of FinTech in India, how the Indian startups approach the FinTech landscape, different stages of FinTech adoption, and The Holy Grail of FinTech.

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The Tntra Podcast presents insights from Bruce Mau, Dilip Asbe, and other global experts

The newly launched Tntra Podcast is already making its waves in the innovation and entrepreneurship community. The podcast was launched a couple of months back and has since received a positive response from its audience.

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