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#4 Products: The Second of Three P's of Intellectual Property

This whitepaper explores user-centric product development with an illustration of the FinTech industry and the importance of improving merchant - customer relationship and experience. It also delves into the impact of generative technologies on future product development and the evolving landscape of work.

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#3 Patents: The First of Three P's of Intellectual Property

Patents can provide value to an innovator and also the world at large. They help promote science and technology and motivate businesses and individuals to innovate with a free mind. The paper focuses on addressing the concepts and multiple misconceptions surrounding it.

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#2 The Holy Grail of FinTech - IndiaStack and Beyond

The need to make formal financial services accessible has been a key area of development in the Indian financial sector. This paper focuses on how FinTech made that possible, solving the accessibility issue, and the major drivers that brought the change.

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#1 Innovation, Life-Centered Design, and Societal Progress

Variables like well-being, happiness, quality of life, etc., are left behind when understanding societal progress. Innovation is a massive contributor to the growth of all these variables but fails to come to the front stage. This paper talks about the impact of innovation on the upliftment of society. It aims to highlight how efficiency and innovation go hand-in-hand and how to look at innovation in terms of art and science. It also throws light on using the life-centered design approach for innovation to solve modern-day challenges.

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