Disrupt the Financial Industry with Innovative Technology

Tntra offers FinTech expertise for digital banking solutions, mobile wallets, cryptocurrency, and more.

Why FinTech?

The FinTech market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 23.58% from 2021 to 2025. Finance and technology combine together to elevate the customer experience. It enables revenue multiplication while providing an interactive platform to customers for financial management.

Upgraded Mechanisms

Process invoices and manage transactions through upgraded financial platforms.

Better Customer Service

Respond quickly to customer requests and help them manage their personal finances.

Improved Convenience

Ensure convenient payments and transaction management for users & stakeholders.

Faster Approvals

Quickly review documents and provide faster approvals for loans and payments.

Advanced Security

Deploy on the cloud and leverage security features for protecting sensitive financial data.

Better Compliance

Navigate easily through the differences between regional financial laws & regulations.

Tntra’s FinTech Solutions Expertise

We build digital financing and transaction management systems. Tntra has experts from the financial industry with experience in digital banking solutions, mobile wallets, investment platforms, and more. We offer full support for the frontend and backend of FinTech solutions.

Here’s our industry expertise in the FinTech domain:

Wealth Management

Digital Insurance

Retail Banking

Personal Finance



We develop smart FinTech solutions with the integration of financial knowledge. From payment gateway systems to peer-to-peer lending portals, we follow a comprehensive development process. Our team majorly focuses on user-friendliness while building FinTech apps.

Our FinTech Development Services

Tntra provides 5 primary FinTech development services.

Mobile Banking Applications

We develop mobile applications for digital banking, net banking, transaction management, fixed deposits, and more.

Insurance Portals

We build portals and systems for digital insurance, policy comparison, insurance plan management, and minimize the error rate.

Digital Wallets

We create digital wallets with highly advanced security features for sending and receiving payments in multiple currencies.

Investment Software

We offer investment software development solutions for complete portfolio management and multiplication of revenue.

P2P Lending Solutions

We develop personal finance software for peer-2-peer lending, with the feature for tracking the credit score to make better lending decisions.

Payment Gateway Integration

We integrate payment gateways with your existing financial application, enabling customers to easily make payments for financial products.

Fintech Technologies

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Ruby on Rails





Robotic Process Automation

Machine Learning

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