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Designing a State of Cash to Cashless

Tntra focuses on the decentralized web and democratizing finance (DeFi) by enabling the move from cash to cashless.

The FinTech Landscape - Cash to Cashless Systems

As we move towards a cashless society, secure digital-based ecosystems are becoming essential to driving economic growth. That's why traditional financial institutions are joining forces with innovative FinTech companies like Tntra to introduce new-age financial products and services.

Tntra focuses on evolving consumer payment systems and designing solutions that align with their dynamic experience.

The Metaverse is gaining momentum alongside cryptocurrencies, a creator economy, increasing privacy concerns, and a shift towards ESG-friendly commerce. Decentralization is driving these changes and empowering more individuals.

As cashless systems become more prevalent, connected devices are emerging to simplify ordering, payments, and e-commerce. These devices utilize proprietary technology to enhance the purchasing experience.

Social payments allow for the exchange of value without compromising sensitive personal information. Companies like Facebook have developed payment systems integrating social media with financial transactions.

FinTech is utilizing biometric systems to enhance security and streamline access to funds. Improved authentication and instant identity verification lead to a seamless, safe, and user-friendly experience.

What is Tntra's FinTech Methodology?

A methodology is a process used in software engineering. The unique Tntra FinTech methodology allows our team to enable a truly cashless ecosystem for enterprise and economic growth.

Tntra is a software product engineering company that leverages unique Design for Cashless (or DFC) methodology to help its customers define and build products and services for cashless transaction environments, whether these are related to transforming legacy financial services or delivering new IP-led solutions for emerging Fintech and DeFi ecosystems.

Tntra provides [human-centric design and advisory support] + [software services and software product engineering] + [managed IT services and digital transformation], to assist its customers evolve towards a true cashless transaction ecosystem. Tntra will deliver the necessary products, help develop patents, and build dedicated engineering teams, to assist its customers in delivering the next generation of cashless products and services.

Tntra provides [human-centric design and advisory support] + [software services and software product engineering] + [managed IT services and digital transformation], to assist its customers evolve towards a true cashless transaction ecosystem. Tntra will deliver the necessary products, help develop patents, and build dedicated engineering teams, to assist its customers in delivering the next generation of cashless products and services.

Fintech Methodology

Why Consider Tntra's FinTech Methodology?

"The growth of FinTech is helping to level the playing field for consumers, giving them access to financial services and products that were previously only available to a select few."

The growth of digital infrastructure is changing the way we pay for goods and services. Thanks to the consumer Internet and widespread smartphone use, digital payments are becoming increasingly popular, replacing traditional methods. These technological advances have encouraged the development of numerous new payment solutions and financial products to improve convenience and accessibility.

Tntra's FinTech expertise is shaping a future that takes us closer to a cashless and decentralized financial system.

Unique Design for Cashless Methodology

Building up the DeFi Ecosystem

Human Centric Design and Advisory

Enhanced Financial Inclusion

Our FinTech App Development Service

Tntra's specialized teams have been dedicated to serving emerging and established FinTech enterprises since the inception of this sector. Our goal is to provide businesses worldwide with IP-led FinTech software development services that cover the whole range of the FinTech ecosystem.

Custom Fintech Application

At Tntra, we offer comprehensive custom IP-led FinTech software development services tailored to empower financial sector businesses. Tntra's mission is to facilitate digital transformation and optimize the utilization of financial data. We collaborate with forward-looking financial institutions, ranging from established banks to innovative FinTech startups, to enhance the convenience and security of digital finance through our cutting-edge solutions.

AI-enabled FinTech Service

Tntra pioneers the development of AI-powered financial management apps, empowering institutions with intelligent insights for better decision-making and heightened user involvement. In today's automation-driven landscape, AI proficiency is paramount. Financial entities increasingly integrate AI to streamline repetitive tasks, ensure seamless customer service, conduct in-depth behavioral analysis, and bolster fraud prevention within an innovative, cashless ecosystem.

Blockchain Development

Tntra helps fuel the FinTech solution adoption by incorporating Blockchain technology in our FinTech app development services for the financial services industry. Our FinTech Blockchain solutions, which handle high transaction volumes quickly and without middlemen to give direct access to financial services, indicate a new era of security and autonomy with DeFi solutions. Tntra's expertise in Blockchain technology ensures real-time data tracking and builds a thorough audit trail to increase accountability and transparency.

IoT-enabled FinTech Development

Tntra's IP-Led software product engineering solution powers the creation of IoT applications for the financial industry. With the use of cutting-edge technology like intelligent payment systems, sophisticated data analytics platforms, and fraud detection sensors, we help FinTech businesses automate their processes. This improves the general consumer experience while also lowering breaches.

Payment Gateway Integration

Tntra is a key player in advancing the cashless economy as an innovator in FinTech software development. We make it easy for websites and applications to integrate third-party payment gateways like PayPal or Stripe, guaranteeing safe and easy online transactions for users. We can provide quick, dependable, and secure payment processing for financial items by integrating these gateways with your current financial applications.

Accounting Information Systems

Tntra excels in developing custom FinTech software solutions, including proficiency in custom AIS software like Sage, SAP, and others. Our team has a great deal of experience integrating AIS modules with smart business intelligence tools and ERP systems. This expertise helps startups and large corporations maximize their financial performance.

How FinTech Engineering Can Innovate the Financial Services Industry?

The Global Fintech Market is forecasted to grow by $277.22 bn during 2022-2027. Finance and technology combine together to elevate the customer experience. It enables revenue multiplication while providing an interactive platform to customers for financial management.

Operating Models

We create a scalable and robust infrastructure that enables more accurate and efficient procedures, giving FinTech companies the size, speed, and flexibility they need.

Better Customer Service

Respond quickly to customer requests and help them manage their personal finances.

FinTech Strategy

A well-thought-out plan is the first step toward true growth. Tntra helps clients with crucial strategies. We provide key scalability and creative capabilities to our FinTech clients.

Faster Approvals

FinTech applications enable quick review of customer documents, expediting loan and payment approvals. This leads to enhanced customer satisfaction.

Advanced Security

Deploy on the cloud and leverage security features for protecting sensitive financial data.

Better Compliance

Navigate effortlessly through the differences between regional financial laws and regulations to ensure that your app or software always adheres to all regulations, such as FinCEN, FINTRAC, PSD2, ePrivacy, GDPR, AML, and more.

Our FinTech App Development Solutions

As a prominent FinTech software development company, Tntra offers multiple critical FinTech app solutions that cater to global enterprises.

Mobile Banking Apps

We design and develop custom fintech mobile applications that focus on digital banking, net banking, transaction management, fixed deposits, and more.

Insurance Portals

We provide FinTech services designed for insurance companies with the goal of enhancing their customer engagement, streamlining the underwriting process, optimizing claims, and more.

Digital Payment Solutions

Tntra is an expert in creating personalized mobile wallet applications seamlessly integrating with current payment systems. Our FinTech solutions offer secure cashless payments, QR code-based transactions, and direct, bank-linked e-wallet payments. With security features, customers can manage various cards and documents while transacting in multiple currencies.

Investment Software

We offer FinTech investment software solutions for complete portfolio management and multiplication of revenue.

P2P Lending Solutions

We develop personal finance software for peer-2-peer lending, with the feature for tracking the credit score to make better lending decisions.

Open-Banking Solution

Tntra's Banking Solutions include asset management software creation to seamless integration of open APIs and embedding FinTech instruments. Our offerings, including Internet and Mobile banking solutions, cutting-edge Customer portal development, and more, are designed to elevate your and your client's banking experiences.

Industry Specific FinTech Usecases

Wealth Management

Our focus is on developing financial technology applications that assist organizations with financial asset management, personal investment, and financial analysis.

Consumer Banking

We specialize in creating secure and user-friendly banking applications for consumers ranging from small to mid-size and enterprise-level businesses.


Our focus is on developing applications for insurance companies to enhance customer engagement, simplify underwriting and claims processing, and improve fraud detection.


We develop FinTech applications that incorporate technology into lending operations to enable swift loan approval, online verification, and consumer eligibility checks.

Personal Finance

Our focus is on developing intelligent applications for the personal finance industry that assist users in enhancing budget planning capabilities.


We specialize in aiding companies to enhance transparency and security throughout payment processes, as well as improve financial advisory services.

Distinctive Features of Tntra's FinTech Solutions

Design for Cashless Methodology

Tntra leverages a unique DFC methodology to help its customers define and build products and services for cashless transaction environments.

Rapid Go to Market

Tntra's Agile approach to FinTech app development enables us to launch products by prioritizing features and making continuous releases and improvements.

New Economy Solutions

Tntra likes to stay ahead of the curve. Therefore, we integrate New Economy technologies such as blockchain, AI/ML & more to create FinTech apps.

IP-Led Engineering

Tntra provides IP-Led software product engineering services to help you protect the Intellectual Property of your FinTech application.

Tntra Diamond

Tntra Diamond

Tntra's Diamond is a comprehensive approach to helping enterprises manage the constant interplay between Business Process Reengineering and Digital Transformation. Tntra’s domain specific methodologies lead to software services for mature systems and software product engineering for new requirements, further transitioning to a managed service model to ensure stability and scale.

Tntra's Diamond enables the enterprise to stay ahead of the transformation curve, while at the same time ensuring optimal business processes to meet the needs of the new economy.

Tntra's Capabilities

Tntra has vast expertise developing software product engineering solutions across industries, supported by deep domain experts, and front-end to back-end to full-stack engineers across technologies.

We are a product engineering company providing everything you need, from mentorship, to collaboration, to development, to partnerships, to successfully delivering on the global stage.


Data Science

Cyber Security

Embedded Technologies

Robotic Process Automation


Machine Learning


Cognitive Computing

Extended Reality


Java / JavaEE

C / C++ / C#

Python / Django

Ruby on Rails

PHP / Laravel







Spree Commerce


Google Cloud

Digital Ocean

Microsoft Azure

Frequently Asked Questions

The length of time it takes to design a FinTech app varies based on the size of the development team and the kind and quantity of features you wish to include.For finance app development companies, it takes close to 1500 hours to develop a low to medium-complexity level app. To get a time estimate for your project, schedule a call with our talented team of FinTech software engineers.

Tntra, a leading FInTech software development company, offers -

  • Custom FinTech Applications
  • Intelligent CRM Solutions
  • AI-enabled FinTech Solutions
  • Mobile App Development
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Blockchain-based FinTech Apps

FinTech software developers are tasked with creating, testing, updating, and managing fintech software for use in banks and financial institutions. Team Tntra offers dedicated FinTech app developers with practical expertise across a range of technologies, including blockchain, AI, IoT, cloud, and DevOps, ready to support your projects. Contact Tntra today for FinTech software development solutions.

Embrace the Future of Finance. Explore the Possibilities of FinTech Solution with Tntra.

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