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IThe sixth episode of the Tntra podcast brings Aditya Khurjekar, Founder of identity.ai, who shares his insights into the historical evolution of AI, its contemporary mainstream implications, and future trajectories...

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In this podcast, Mehul Desai, Co-Founder and Chairman of Tntra, talks to Elle about the second P of Intellectual Property, i.e., Product. Elle brings a unique perspective on product development, and she explains it in layman's terms. She shares her views on advancing technology but at the same time reminds us about the importance of keeping the core customer concerns at the core of any product.

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Listen to the exciting podcast where Business Ninja Mehul Desai, Co-founder and Chairman of Tntra, and host Max Pittman, uncover how Tntra can help bridge your goals and aspirations to an ambitious project. Tntra helps enterprises build, deploy and run remarkable and potent products for companies across domains such as FinTech, Health care, Supply chain, New Economy, and more. With an experience of two decades, Tntra has mastered the skill of delivering software services, IP-led software product engineering, and managed services to clients. Listen to the podcast now and learn more about Tntra!

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In 4th episode, Mehul Desai, Co-founder and Chairman of Tntra, is in conversation with Charles Cella, the Managing Director of Strong Force Innovation Portfolios. Charles has been ensuring that his clients can realise the full potential of their I.P. portfolio to secure a more significant market share as early as possible. Are you excited about the podcast? Listen to the full episode on your favorite podcast platforms to learn more. Click on read more to know about the strategic concepts of patents and how Strong Force is helping the clients create and redefine category leading I.P. portfolios.

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In this episode, Mehul Desai, the Chairman and Co-founder of Tntra, is in conversation with Mr. Dilip Asbe, MD & CEO of National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), the umbrella organization for operating retail payments and settlement systems in India. In this fintech leaders podcast episode, they talk about foundational core components of FinTech in India. From experience, Mr. Dilip Asbe talks about why he chose to be a FintTechnocrat and the challenges he faced in the early days of FinTech innovation. In this fintech podcast, the speakers also talk about the noise around the decentralization of finance, easy access to credit, future trends of India Stack and what they consider to be "The Holy Grail of FinTech".

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In this episode, Mehul Desai, the Chairman and Co-founder of Tntra, provides his valuable insights garnered through 3 decades of experience in FinTech. He has seen it all - from the initial mobile wallets to the on-going transitions in the form of Blockchain and CBDC. Mehul offers a gist of his professional background, the FinTech projects he has been associated with, and how he aims to steer Tntra as a leader in innovation and sustainability. He also talks about what he considers to be "The Holy Grail of FinTech '' and how it is all set to transform the FinTech industry. Listen to the complete episode to know more about Mehul's journey and his innovative interventions in the FinTech space.

In this episode, Mehul talks with Bruce Mau, the Co-founder and CEO of Massive Change Network. They discuss their experience and insights on sustainable innovation and how it contributes to societal progress. Bruce and Mehul also focus on how innovation and efficiency go hand-in-hand, and different ways to deal with the innovator’s dilemma. They also throw valuable light on the structural components of innovation and how to scale sustainable innovation. Their insights deliver a valuable lesson to innovators on how a global Sustainable Innovation Ecosystem can become a power of change for good.

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