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Ophthalmic Image Capture Reporting

  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Location: India


The Android application developed lies in the category of healthcare, wellness, and fitness platforms. The platform has been developed to assist eye specialists. The ophthalmologist can upload eye images and note an observation related to the disease, on the basis of which a report is automatically generated.

Technologies Used
  • ReactJS
  • React Native
  • Django
  • Django REST Framework
  • PostgreSQL
Services Provided
  • App Development
  • Software Testing
  • Support & Maintenance

Business Problem

Often the medical professional faces challenges while preparing a report for the concerned disease. The eye specialist also faces challenges in managing all the data in one place manually. In addition, the doctors found it difficult to capture the specific area of the eye in an image. Therefore, the client needed an application that could help them store data, capture images, and record data securely.

Project Goal

  • Creating an application on which images can be uploaded and different patient reports can be generated.
  • Share the generated reports among other doctors as well as to the patients whose report has been created.
  • Increase the security and transparency of the stored information.


  • Our developers built a solution that could note an observation, upload retina images(left and right), and generate various reports.
  • The platform was developed to handle a larger number of requests from users at a time.
  • The security and transparency allow the doctors to download the reports(provided they have access) in the workflow to simplify the processes of medical treatment and reduce the paperwork.

Business Impact

  • Generated reports that have been stored within the application. The doctors can access them safely whenever they want.
  • Doctors can share the reports with other fellow doctors anytime and anywhere.
  • The new application extends high security and transparency.


Have a look at the features that our developers incorporated into the Ophthalmic Image Capture Reporting solution.

Robust Reporting System

The reporting system generates reports that enable the client to track the patient's report and make insightful decisions.

Powerful Functionalities

For better experience, the doctor can upload eye images and can crop, zoom to perfectly capture the retina in the application which can be shared on various platforms.

User-Friendly and Simple Interface

The ultimate goal was to make an intuitive user interface where we can have a smooth healthcare experience.

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