Welcome To The Tntra Podcast - Episode 5

Elle Kim and Mehul Desai talk about Product Development and FinTech

#5 Products: The Second of the Three P's of Intellectual Property

The fifth episode of the Tntra podcast brings Elle Kim, an experienced Payments and FinTech executive, who shares her insights on product development.

In this podcast, Mehul Desai, Co-Founder and Chairman of Tntra, talks to Elle about the second P of Intellectual Property, i.e., Product. Elle brings a unique perspective on product development, and she explains it in layman's terms. She shares her views on advancing technology but at the same time reminds us about the importance of keeping the core customer concerns at the core of any product.

The podcast closes out with a discussion between Mehul and Elle about the Evolution and use of generative technology and the future of work.

Some of the key points covered in the podcast include :

  • Product development for a layman
  • Evolution of a user-centric environment
  • Adoption and scale in terms of Product development
  • FinTech - Challenges, Opportunities, and The Holy Grail of FinTech
  • Future of Work and its Impact on Product Development

With her expertise and experience, listeners are sure to learn valuable insights and perspectives on the constantly evolving landscape of product development.

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