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E-Pharmacy Mobile Application: A Case Study on Building an Intuitive e-Pharmacy Mobile App for 1000Farmacie

  • Industry: Healthcare, eCommerce
  • Location: Europe


1000Farmacie, a consortium of esteemed national pharmacies deeply engaged with the public, faced critical UI/UX issues with their outdated website. It lacked mobile responsiveness and suffered from non-functional payment gateways, leading to a decline in customer retention.

Leading software engineering firm Tntra provided a customized online and mobile application solution in response to these difficulties. This cutting-edge platform combines effective home delivery services with product selections to provide customers with the best experience at the lowest price.

See how Tntra's expertise with mobile app development helped 1000Farmacie enhance its online pharmacy experience, addressing problems and guiding them toward better success in the digital sphere by reading on.

Technologies Used
  • React Native
Services Provided
  • App Development
  • Software Testing
  • Support & Maintenance
Development Process
  • Agile Methodology (Scrum Framework)

Business Problem

The client understood that people were facing problems finding a therapist for their health. Finding the right therapist and knowing their availability was becoming a challenge. There was also a lack of real-time communication between the client and the therapist. It was frustrating for people to unable to find the right therapist when they needed one. Clients were not unable to estimate the cost of each consultation.

Each pharmacy operated on a unique pricing structure, making it arduous for customers to discern the most economical options. Also, due to the lack of an excellent mobile app, 1000Farmacie could not help its mobile-savvy customers with this issue.

With the decline in physical visits due to the pandemic, a robust online transaction system became a norm. However, the absence of a robust mobile app, reliable authorization system, and payment gateway posed a significant obstacle to this transition.

Project Goal

  1. It is a solution built by our team which will match the client with the right therapist based on their location, gender, and their specialization. The functionalities were built in a human-centred way of finding the right match.
  2. We incorporated a personal wellness assistant feature for automatic scheduling of an appointment in the client’s calendar.
  3. The solution will also provide a reminder of upcoming sessions with the therapist. The clients can make online payments through the application and reduce the drudgery of cash payments.


  1. Tntra introduced a range of safe transaction mechanisms to handle payment-related concerns effectively.
    • Payment using Credit Cards
    • Integration with PayPal
    • ApplePay and GPay Alternatives
    • The availability of Cash on Delivery (COD)
  2. Furthermore, the e-pharmacy platform's redesigned user interface guaranteed easy access from any device, including tablets and smartphones.
  3. Optimizing operational efficiency and integrating multi-store and location support offered thorough insights into profit, loss, and inventory levels across all branches.

Business Impact

  1. With the release of the updated website and mobile application, 1000Farmacie's Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) increased by 240% in the previous year.
  2. The mobile application provides an easy and simple browsing and purchase experience, which increases customer happiness and loyalty. Thus, there is an increase in repeat business and customer retention.
  3. Search engine optimization enhanced the search results. As a result, sales increased, which benefited the seller immediately. Additionally, it led to a rise in the frequency with which customers used the online pharmacy app to buy old products that had been around for a very long period on the online pharmacy mobile app.


Have a look at the top features that our developers incorporated into the solution.

Multi-Store and Multi-Location Support

The mobile application supports multiple stores and locations, allowing users to access data regarding stock levels, sales, and returns from all branches through unified software. In addition, it makes it possible to create extensive reports that include every location in the chain and give users a detailed breakdown of KPIs like profit, loss, and stock levels.

Product Recommendations and Pharmacy Choice

By offering customized product recommendations based on users past purchases, the mobile app encourages repeat business and improves the entire shopping experience. Additionally, even when presenting the most competitively priced product from a particular pharmacy, customers can choose their preferred pharmacy from the list.

Security and Secure Payment Options

To ensure safe and secure transactions, the mobile application offers a variety of secure payment options, such as digital wallets, credit/debit cards, and cash on delivery. Strict protocols have been implemented to protect user information and adhere to privacy laws.

Shopping Cart and Medication Reminders

Before completing a purchase, program users can add, review, and manage selected products. Moreover, it helps improve user adherence to prescribed regimens by promptly reminding users of their prescription schedules.

Tntra Diamond

Tntra Diamond

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Tntra's Diamond enables the enterprise to stay ahead of the transformation curve, while at the same time ensuring optimal business processes to meet the needs of the new economy.

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