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The Future of Pharmacy: A Case Study on the Growth of an Online Pharmacy Store

  • Industry: Healthcare, eCommerce
  • Location: Italy


The 1000Farmacie is a union of the best national pharmacies that work daily in contact with the public. However, the 1000Farmacie was unhappy with the UI/UX of its current website, which was outdated and unresponsive to mobile views. Also, the lack of functioning payment gateways led to a decline in client retention. The business was keen to seize an important chance to profit from the bottlenecks of traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacies.

As a leading software engineering company, Tntra was in a strong position to deliver the clients a custom web and mobile application that could help the customers with the best price based on the selection of products along with its home delivery.

Keep reading to find out more about how Tntra helped the online medical store with a custom application.

Technologies Used
  • Ruby on Rails
  • MySQL
  • React
  • Bootstrap
  • AWS
Services Provided
  • e-Pharmacy
  • Agile (Scrum Framework)
  • Web and App Development
  • Software Testing

Business Problem

Frequent product shortages at traditional pharmacies prevented customers from using the closest drugstore.

Because each pharmacy had a unique pricing structure, it was challenging for customers to compare prices and choose the best deal.

The pandemic caused a considerable drop in the number of people visiting actual pharmacies, necessitating online transactions. The lack of an authorization system and payment gateway, however, made processing online payments challenging.

Project Goal

  1. To build a platform that allows customers to shop for products and have them delivered for the best price.
  2. Allowing customers to access the marketplace through a Mobile Application.
  3. To expand the pharmacies' reach by establishing digital footprints across the nation.
  4. The setting up of secure payment channels for online transactions.


  1. Tntra resolved all the payment-related issues and implemented the following methods:
    • Pay with Card
    • Pay through Paypal
    • Pay via Gpay / ApplePay
    • COD options are also available
  2. The entire UI enhancement of the online pharmacy website allowed the customers to access the marketplace from any screen size (Mobile/Tablet).
  3. Multi-store and location support for analyzing the profit, loss, stock levels, etc., across all stores.

Business Impact

  1. The 1000Farmacie experienced a significant boost in their Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 240% in the prior year as a result of the launch of the improved website and mobile application.
  2. The highly user-friendly platform developed by Tntra offered customers a better shopping experience, which increased the client's customer base.
  3. Tntra's SEO optimization for 1000Farmacie made them more accessible to customers, which led to a greater customer base.
  4. The search results were improved through search engine optimization. Sales grew as a result, directly benefiting the seller. Also, it caused an increase in the rate at which consumers were purchasing old items that had been around for a very long period on the online pharmacy app.


Have a look at the top features that our developers incorporated into the solution.

Multi-Store and Multi-Location Support

Data about stock levels, sales, and returns from multiple stores can be viewed in a single software. Overall reports for the entire chain of stores can be generated, giving the user a complete overview of profit, loss, stock levels, etc.

Product Suggestion

The software suggests relevant products based on a customer`s past purchases, enticing them to make more purchases. It helps boost repeat business and enhance the overall shopping experience.

Pharmacy Selection

Even after providing the best-priced product from a certain pharmacy, the customer has the liberty to select the specific pharmacy from the list.

Tntra Diamond

Tntra Diamond

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Unleash the benefits of Tntra’s sublime software engineering.

Re-invent and digitize your processes now for building streamlined Pharmacy stores.

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