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Whistle-blower Hotline and Case Management Software Solution

  • Industry: Whistle-blower Platform
  • Location: India


Employees have few and frequently ineffective channels to expose serious misconduct since several companies find it difficult to set up a trustworthy whistleblower process. Even in cases where a report is correctly submitted, it is frequently not followed up on, which leaves one feeling disheartened and frustrated.

With Ethics Hotline Service Provider, it is an integrated web-based case management system, staff members may safely report ethics and compliance issues without worrying about repercussions. It ensures efficient fraud detection by filling up the gaps in formal channels. The solution offers dynamic management responses while guaranteeing anonymous data collection.

This indicates a radical change in how businesses combat and lessen fraud and other wrongdoing. To learn more about how Tntra contributed to the creation of an all-encompassing whistleblower case management software, continue reading.

Technologies Used
  • Ruby on Rails
  • MySQL
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • AWS
Service Provided
  • Web Development
  • Support & Maintenance
Development Process
  • Agile (Kanban Framework)

Business Problem

Unavailability of an alternative mode of communication between employees and management when other formal channels may present a barrier and are not supportive enough in revealing severe acts of misconduct.

Many organizations face challenges establishing a robust whistle-blowing mechanism and have less convincing reporting channels that encourage employees to report suspicious incidents.

If an incident was successfully reported, there were insufficient channels for further communication.

It was difficult to make sure that important case data was gathered without running the danger of being lost or jeopardizing confidentiality.

Project Goal

  1. Develop a platform that helps to expose and address fraud and malpractice. It empowers employees across organizations to report internal ethics and compliance concerns to senior management without fear of reprisal.
  2. To allow submission of the online status of each incident report so that feedback can be conveyed to the whistle-blowers. To maintain a complete audit trail of action taken on each case.
  3. Easy tracking of trends that show complaints received by locations, type of issues, status, reporting channels, languages, etc.
  4. Comprehensive reporting with transparency that allows tracking cases from initiation through resolution.


  1. Tntra developed robust ethics hotline software, which has subsequently provided more convincing reporting channels that encourage employees to report suspicious incidents.
  2. With these timely alerts raised internally, the organization’s senior management can deal with incidents internally and protect their employees, business interests, and reputation.
  3. A reporting mechanism that helps management to access, filter, categorize, route, resolve, and track action taken and audit reports was created.
  4. For organizations with many employees, role-based access can be provided to case reports to the response team of an organization.
  5. Designed a dynamic KPI Matrix, which allows the management/configuration of charts to be shown in reports, which allows better utilization of reports.

Business Impact

  1. Employees of more than 40 organizations have the ability to raise cases regarding internal ethics and compliance issues without any fear of retaliation.
  2. Implementation of Integrity Matters can lead to significant improvements in efficiency and effectiveness for addressing suspicious cases raised by Employees.
  3. The advanced reporting abilities of the whistleblower platform deliver tremendous support to organizations identifying and tracking the raised issues.


Look at the top features our developers incorporated into the solution.

Client Management

The client Management feature provides the ability for the Integrity Matters team to manage clients registration, activation/deactivation, and modification.

User Administration

The whistleblowing software allows the Admin and Case managers to register for the new user and also assign roles and notification rules for them.

Case Management

Ability to manage cases registered by users through different stages, such as,

  • Case Reporting
  • Investigation Management
  • Follow-up Communication
  • Case Diary and Document Management

Report & Analysis

It gives analysis such as,

  • Month-wise analysis
  • Business Unit-wise analysis
  • Location wise analysis
  • how many user files are anonymous and non-anonymous.
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