Technical Lead

Technical Lead

  • Experience: 6+ Years
  • Location: Vadodara/Ahmedabad

Job Description

We are looking for someone with a passion for engineering and technologies. You would work with us on some very exciting projects for our client-partners. You would work on projects in domains including FinTech, Healthcare, E-commerce, IoT, New Economy, and Supply Chain. You would work with a team of technology experts with over 15 years of experience. You would be a part of a team which believes in teaching and learning.

Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Determine work schedules and prepare work schedule
  2. Delegate tasks to achieve periodic goals
  3. Identify risk in advance and prepare contingency plans
  4. Liaison with team members from other teams
  5. Reporting and giving presentations to stakeholders

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Minimum 6+ years of experience working on
  2. Bachelor's degree in computers/ Information Technology, with required certifications
  3. Relevant management experience and certifications
  4. Strong leadership skills
  5. Good communication, interpersonal and motivational skills

Required Skills

  1. Sound knowledge of the best programming, code design, and architecture practices
  2. Ability to write high-quality code and support the team in overcoming technical challenges
  3. Timely and quality project deliverables, status updates, etc.
  4. People management


Bachelor/Master’s degree in computer science, Engineering or a related subject.

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