New Economy

Tntra has built and incubated several successful New Economy ventures

Leverage Tntra’s unique human-centered design methodology to ensure your enterprise can outcompete incumbents as well as new-entrants.

The New Economy Landscape

Data and Technology combine to build an economy that drives innovation and sustainability. The New Economy brings a revolutionary transition from traditional foundations of industrial and manufacturing sectors to technology-enabled segments.

Internet-based technology and data-intensive companies are key players in the New Economy. These companies focus on the areas of the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Automation, Decentralized Finance, eCommerce, Streaming, Big Data, FinTech, and Artificial Intelligence.

The New Economy sums up the entire landscape of information and communication technologies that act as knowledge resources and engagement tools that go beyond the boundaries of traditional information technology.

What is Tntra’s New Economy Methodology?

A methodology is a process used in software engineering. The unique Tntra New Economy methodology allows our team to become more organized and structured to cut down inefficiencies.

Tntra’s founders and mentors have successfully built several new economy companies, leveraging a unique approach that is built around user-centric design (as opposed to provider-centric); leading to the definition of the value proposition and core competencies + experience and channels + ecosystem and partnerships; further evolving into intellectual property + technology + business models and plans.

We now live in a world that transacts through communities. The focus is on first building a community, where individuals or organizations engage based on some common interest and develop mutual trust. While some of the early communities were built around a common transaction interest, increasingly we find ourselves first building or joining a community, then consuming content, and finally transacting. Enterprises that want to leverage the benefits of the new economy will have to adapt and drive their own “community building and engagement”.

Tntra provides [human-centric design and advisory support] + [software services and software product engineering] + [managed IT services and digital transformation] to help its customers build their own “community and drive engagement”. Tntra will deliver the necessary products, help develop patents, and build dedicated engineering teams, to assist its customers leverage the new economy.

New Economy Methodology

Why Consider Tntra’s New Economy Methodology?

"Successful companies are harnessing the power of community to increase brand awareness, understand customers, improve outcomes, and build brand loyalty."

We now live in a world that transacts through communities. The focus is on first building a community where individuals or organizations engage based on some common interest and develop mutual trust. The community economy is a product of the decentralized ethos of Web3.0. The model encourages people to participate in conversations to harness the value in the collective community instead of the individual creator. The transactional-only business model is almost at the end of the tunnel. More businesses are now driven by engaging the community and exploring and retaining transactional events.

Experience a thriving and empowered community with Tntra's New Economy methodology.

Driven by engaging the community

Encourages collective value creation

Defines and nurtures a community

Promotes decentralized ethos of Web3.0

Learn more about Tntra's New Economy methodology to unlock the power of community and transform your business outcomes today. Connect Now!

Technologies We Use

We build sustainable New Economy models through enabling technologies. Our experts deliver high-performance and future-proof solutions.


Tntra offers Blockchain solutions, smart contracts, digital ledgers, and transparent exchange mechanisms that drive sustainable economic growth.

Artificial Intelligence

We utilize AI and ML algorithms, natural language processing, neural network development, deep learning, and computer vision for intelligent product engineering.

Cloud Computing

Tntra provides on-demand cloud scalability, solution deployment, edge computing, and cloud-based app development for new economy implementations.

Data Analytics

We leverage data and predictive analytics, big data, and data processing to enhance New Economy capabilities for enterprises and startups.

New Economy Industries We Serve

The New Economy is a technology-intensive sector. We digitize business processes and build new economy products that thrive in challenging environments. Our team utilizes the power of the Internet to serve next-gen industries. We work with the following sectors:

Sustainable Energy

New-Energy Vehicles

Energy Conversation

High-Tech Services


Advanced Manufacturing

New Information Technology

Digital Research & Development

Financial & Legal Technology

Tntra Diamond

Tntra Diamond

Tntra's Diamond is a comprehensive approach to helping enterprises manage the constant interplay between Business Process Reengineering and Digital Transformation. Tntra’s domain specific methodologies lead to software services for mature systems and software product engineering for new requirements, further transitioning to a managed service model to ensure stability and scale.

Tntra's Diamond enables the enterprise to stay ahead of the transformation curve, while at the same time ensuring optimal business processes to meet the needs of the new economy.

Tntra's Capabilities

Tntra has vast expertise developing product engineering solutions across industries, supported by deep domain experts, and front-end to back-end to full-stack engineers across technologies.

We are a product engineering company providing everything you need, from mentorship, to collaboration, to development, to partnerships, to successfully delivering on the global stage.


Data Science

Cyber Security

Embedded Technologies

Robotic Process Automation


Machine Learning


Cognitive Computing

Extended Reality


Java / JavaEE

C / C++ / C#

Python / Django

Ruby on Rails

PHP / Laravel







Spree Commerce


Google Cloud

Digital Ocean

Microsoft Azure

Embrace the future of business. Explore the possibilities of the New Economy solutions.

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