New Economy

Digitize your enterprise with New Economy products

Leverage revolutionary tech to scale your enterprise and achieve sustainability.

New Economy is a technology-intensive sector. We digitize business processes and build new economy products that thrive in challenging environments. Our team utilizes the power of the Internet to serve next-gen industries. We work with the following sectors.

Sustainable Energy

New-Energy Vehicles

Energy Conversation

High-Tech Services


Advanced Manufacturing

New Information Technology

Digital Research & Development

Financial & Legal Technology

Tntra’s New Economy Expertise

Often, new economy products are connected with high debt. Tntra builds products that serve better and entail a high return on investment. We help to uncover long-term opportunities by building sustainable products that give rise to New Economy systems.

Here’s our comprehensive process of working with data science:

High-Growth Industrial Solutions

Cutting-Edge Technical Solutions

Internet-Based Platforms & Systems

Digital Delivery Products

Business Model Refinement

Digital Transformation Strategy

We build sustainable New Economy models through enabling technologies. Our experts deliver high-performance and future-proof solutions.

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