Spotify uses ZeroMQ, an open-source library and framework written in Python, to communicate with a large number of services. The company admires the fast development pipeline of writing and coding in Python for software engineering. Gevent is the latest addition to Spotify’s architecture. It offers a fast event loop with a high-level synchronous API.

Spotify uses Luigi, a Python module that syncs with Hadoop to provide suggestions and recommendations for users. It is an open-source module that consolidates error logs rapidly and enables troubleshooting and redeployment.

Spotify uses over 6,000 individual Python processes that work collectively over the nodes of the Hadoop cluster. The company is one of the biggest users of Python for software development because of its analytics and data science capabilities.

(Source: Real Python)

The Era of Python is Here

Python is the third most widely used programming language worldwide, with a market share of 48.24%. In TIOBE’s index of programming languages, Python is the #1 programming language for software development.

On Devskiller, Python has a 154% growth rate. It is the most desired programming language by developers. Python program solutions jobs are in high demand, with average salaries exceeding $100,000 for certain roles.

Python has a community of over 10 million people. It is multiplying every day. Today, the community is growing much faster than other languages. Assistance and support are available with ease as more and more developers join the community. Python software cost is also affordable, which means more companies hire developers for the same.

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Why Everyone Desires Python

Today, Python is the number one choice for enterprise solutions. It is scalable, versatile, and flexible. Developers can easily learn the programming language. The programming language easily meets the demand for traffic handling, UI/UX, and offers amazing backend support. 

As Python for application development advances in its applications across industries, the usage multiplies. It produces results that other programming languages may not. There’s more demand for Python developers in today’s world than any other language.

Here are 4 reasons why enterprises and developers choose to work with Python:

  • Real-world Use Cases

Python has unmatched real-world use cases. It has excellent applications in Machine Learning, IoT, Data Science, GUI and more. Python is also useful in game development, language development, and writing Deep Learning algorithms. The programming language is also contributing to building sustainable products for multiple eco-friendly initiatives.

  • Extensive Library

Python has a library that offers support for almost every functionality. It has a robust library with amazing modules and functions. TensorFlow, PyTorch, Theano, and OpenCV are a couple of the top libraries in Python. Users can add functionalities for authentication, payment gateway and achieve much more. There’s no need to write additional code when there are Python libraries.

  • Maximum Productivity

Python eliminates lengthy development cycles and reduces the time taken to create prototypes. The libraries mentioned above reduce the writing time to create the code from scratch. Python is an extremely simple and readable language that eliminates any confusion that developers might have. Quick code review and third-party upgrades offer amazing benefits in terms of productivity.

  • Data Science Capabilities

One of the biggest reasons every enterprise and developer desires Python is because it is highly compatible with Data Science. Frameworks like Django offer scientific computing, numerical, and statistical analytics. There are libraries that enable developers to write algorithms for AI and computer vision. Therefore, Python is a friendly companion for data-based solutions.


The wide community of Python for web application development constantly keeps on exploring what they can do with Python. As the programming language progresses, newer modifications and applications come into the picture. Python companies are in high demand as they are able to build solutions that are scalable, efficient, and flexible.

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