“Hey Jeet! Thank You for being a part of this month’s cultural showcase. Your journey from developer to Project Lead is truly inspiring, and we want to bring it into the spotlight. Let’s celebrate your accomplishments together!”

In this month’s cultural spotlight, we are excited to introduce Jeet, one of our Project Leads.

Jeet’s journey with Tntra began with a spark of curiosity as a developer. Through his skills, dedicated effort and continuous learning, he has rightly progressed into the role of a Project Lead.

What activities or habits do you believe can positively contribute to personal growth and broaden one’s understanding?

“I have a habit of reading the newspaper every day, and it provides valuable insights into current events, politics, culture, and more. From novels to insightful newspapers, I would say reading is a treasure trove of wisdom and self-improvement. It sharpens the mind, develops critical thinking, and informs about current events and diverse cultures.

I also feel that traveling can change you in many ways. When we step outside familiar boundaries, it allows us to come across new cultures, customs, and ways of life. It gives us new ideas, broadens our understanding of people, and makes us empathetic and culturally sensitive. I believe traveling pushes us out of our comfort zones, forcing us to adapt to new environments and work on unexpected challenges.”

How have past projects contributed to your journey of learning and growth?

Each project I worked on at Tntra was a stepping stone in my professional development, upgrading my skills, knowledge, and perspectives. For many of us, our first project is an important moment. For me, that project was an online payment application. This project allowed me to learn the language of digital transactions and gain knowledge about Paytm, UPI, and digital wallets. As I understood more about the banking domain, I gained a deeper understanding of how these technologies enable individuals to seamlessly make payments, transforming how we engage with financial services.

Another milestone in my journey was the opportunity to work on a Blockchain project. I expanded my understanding of Blockchain technology and had the privilege of sharing this knowledge with my peers, something that is embraced as a part of Tntra’s company culture and values. Together, we explored the potential applications of Blockchain to create a POC.

Each project we undertake is not merely a task to be completed but a journey of discovery and growth. Every experience has provided me with new skills, insights, and perspectives from CAB to Blockchain and beyond.

How have Tntra’s Centers of Excellence (CoEs) helped you in broadening your skill set?

We all know that the technology landscape is continuously changing. Staying ahead by learning a diverse range of tools and platforms is very important. Tntra’s Centers of Excellence (CoEs) have proven to be invaluable resources in my pursuit for learning, providing opportunities to broaden my skill sets beyond primary focus areas. What I like the most is that CoEs are rooted in the organizational culture of continuous learning and professional development, allowing team members to explore new areas of growth. One of the most significant advantages of CoEs I feel is their ability to encourage collaboration across teams. By promoting knowledge-sharing and cross-functional training, CoEs promote the company culture of collaboration where team members can utilize different perspectives and expertise to solve complex problems.

What were the objectives and key takeaways from your visit to Japan, particularly regarding Tntra’s engagement with potential clients and insights into #JapaneseCulture and business practices?

During the visit to Japan, our main objective was to meet Hideyuki Tsushima, Tntra Japan’s CEO, and facilitate potential client introductions for Tntra in Japan.

Visiting Japan was a rewarding experience. I would say that Japan is a unique blend of traditional and modern culture, which is evident in everything from architecture to food. Regarding business, I found that Japanese people are diligent and very detail-oriented. They strongly focus on building relationships and trust, which is critical for successful business dealings in Japan.

We faced challenges in navigating the cultural differences, especially language barrier and adjusting to punctuality norms. However, we established strong relationships with our clients and conducted productive meetings by showing respect and careful preparation.

For those planning to travel to Japan in the future, I suggest they be ready to embrace local cultural etiquettes, such as greeting and punctuality. Utilizing translation tools and conducting thorough research beforehand can also enhance business interactions. Patience and understanding are key, recognizing that building relationships in Japan requires time and effort.

I would say, my life at Tntra has been filled with ample growth opportunities. Through collaboration with international developers, I have built a portfolio of essential skills such as product development insight, technological proficiency, and improved communication. Tntra’s culture and supportive environment has truly provided me with a space for continuous learning and collaboration.

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