Dubai’s varied business environment and embracing of new technology make custom software development a game-changer. Because standard software is so rigid, firms are forced to modify their workflows.  Tailored solutions meet particular requirements and increase productivity. Growing organizations can readily adopt custom software at a lesser cost. Custom software delivers long-term savings over recurring fees for off-the-shelf solutions with limited customisation choices, even though initial expenses may seem exorbitant.  Read this blog to learn more.

Emirates Group is adopting smart technology to leverage data and make well-informed, data-driven decisions by embracing it as the central component of its Dubai business operations. Emirates has been investigating cutting-edge concepts and technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and predictive analytics, in order to accomplish these goals. In order to reduce time and enhance service quality, it has been thinking of implementing AIOps to automate its procedures and facilitate early issue detection and prompt resolution.

On its digital platform, Emirates unveiled web virtual reality technology. Customers may choose their preferred seats and get a taste of the cabin and onboard amenities with its 3D seat models, which were developed in collaboration with Renacen. They also offer an immersive 3D 360-degree picture of the inside of Emirates A380 and Emirates Boeing 777 aircraft. Users can utilize VR headsets like Google Cardboard to traverse the cabins and seats during this hands-free, immersive experience.

At Dubai International Airport, Emirates improved its smart contactless services for travelers by installing biometric technology and touchless check-in kiosks. Passengers can select their seats on board, check in, get their boarding pass and drop off their luggage using the touchless and self-check-in kiosks. Passengers can even pay for additional baggage at these booths, which means improved business efficiency in Dubai.

(Source: Business Wire)

Software Market Landscape in UAE

The software as a service market in the United Arab Emirates is expected to develop at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.93% between 2023 and 2029, with a projected value of USD 30.52 billion by that time. The growing desire among every business in Dubai for a unified solution to help them solve business problems is one of the main drivers of growth for the software as a service market in the United Arab Emirates. 

Due in large part to the growing automation of business processes, SaaS solutions such as supply chain management and CRM are becoming increasingly popular among UAE firms. Dubai business growth strategies are also driving the expansion of the UAE software as a service industry.

Custom software: The Need of the Hour for Dubai Businesses

Companies in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and throughout the United Arab Emirates have a tendency to be among the first to adopt new technology. Additionally, there are firms and companies from all over the world present in Dubai and the UAE as a whole, which increases the business landscape’s diversity and competitiveness.

Custom software development in Dubai, UAE is crucial for large corporations. The special software is inexpensive and easy to incorporate into the current system. If a company needs a unique solution for a specific set of requirements, the only option is custom software.

Here are a few reasons why businesses in Dubai need to consider custom software development:

  1. Increased Efficiency
    • Because standard software and systems are built on an exceedingly rigid standard, they present a challenge. Their business processes, user interfaces, and foundation haven’t changed much in decades while being in use. Nevertheless, most businesses that install such software have to modify their operational procedures to align with the platform’s features.
    • This slows down a lot of other processes in addition to increasing the workload for personnel. Custom software development in Dubai entails developing software that is especially suited to your company. It addresses your particular problems and provides you with a customized experience.
  2. Higher Scalability
    • Scalability is supported by any ready-made or ready-to-deploy business software, however it is not as simple. First of all, the expense of the alterations and modifications is excessive, and they are only permitted within a very narrow framework that allows for only specific kinds of changes. Updating, changing, and customizing the programme is a very simple and convenient process.
    • Unlike standard and ready-made software, there are no restrictions or established structures to follow when making alterations, and the process is quicker and less expensive. The custom software in Dubai is extremely adaptable when it comes to customisations after deployment and is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the organizations. In comparison to the conventional software tools, the customization is also faster and less expensive.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    • The idea that developing custom software is costly is a frequent one, yet it is completely untrue. Although commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software solutions appear to have lower upfront costs and can be set up quickly—in as little as one or two days—they actually have recurring costs that reduce their long-term cost-effectiveness and even make them significantly more expensive than custom software solutions.
    • On the other hand, more affordable and superior scalability, customisation, and extremely low maintenance costs are provided by a custom software development company in Dubai, UAE. You are also free to choose and are not restricted to a single vendor because there are no ongoing costs and you can always have them managed and customized by your in-house IT team or any other vendor of your choice. 

The Bottom Line: Custom Software can help Dubai Businesses Grow

Businesses and enterprises in Dubai are always searching for methods to reduce expenses related to operations as well as the cost and invoicing of digital assets. This explains why this area is so successful in custom software development, UAE. Compared to the typical ready-to-deploy software available on the market, custom software creation is far superior.

Businesses in the United Arab Emirates, especially those in Dubai, can benefit greatly from custom software development since it allows them to be innovative, streamline processes, and experience long-term success in the current digital age. Organizations can open up new opportunities, boost competitiveness, and achieve long-term success by collaborating with trustworthy custom software development firms that blend technical know-how with a customer-centric approach.

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