The rise in chronic illnesses and the needs of the populace is causing changes in the healthcare system in the Middle East and North Africa. Digital technology is thought to hold the solution. It can, according to experts, enhance care, cut expenses, and minimize errors. AI diagnostics and wearable technology enable more individualized treatment. Healthcare organizations can employ technology to improve patient care with the assistance of consulting firms.

This entails enhancing patient access to care through digital consultations, optimizing the use of available resources, and streamlining procedures. Investment in digital health has increased, with the UAE setting the standard. This is expected to continue as more people use technology to manage their health. Read this blog to know more about the impact of technology consulting on healthcare in the MDE region.

Leveraging Technology Consulting Services to Address Healthcare Challenges in the Dubai, UAE

Established in 2012, Vezeeta is a startup located in Dubai that provides healthcare providers with an online and mobile application-based appointment scheduling system. In addition, the company offers a free booking service to patients; physicians can use it through a subscription model. The platform provides comprehensive administration and analytical tools for meetings, performance evaluation of the clinic, solving MDE healthcare challenges, and online medical reporting for patients.

Using chat messages, reminders, and conversation sessions regarding test results and medication side effects, the company facilitates interactive communication between the doctor and patient during treatment and follow-up.

Similarly, Cura is a firm that digitizes medications and is driven to change how we see doctors by improving healthcare accessibility. Through the use of their app, patients may communicate with physicians via their smartphones without having to make appointments or go to the doctor in person. You can choose doctors according to their specialization, reviews, and feedback from other patients.

At the moment, more than 5,000 consultations are generated by the 120K registered patients on Cura who are receiving surgeries from 1500 doctors in MENA. To date, they have raised $1.1 million from investors.

(Source: YourTarget)

Healthcare Technology in the Dubai: An Overview

In 2024, the United Arab Emirates digital health market is expected to generate US$626.10 million in sales. Due to increased demand for telemedicine services and government assistance, the United Arab Emirates is witnessing a boom in digital health businesses.

Both the use of remote monitoring tools and the need for telemedicine are growing in the area. Beyond telemedicine, virtual care transforms proactive and preventive healthcare. Since 2020, telemedicine service providers and many healthcare app development company in UAE hospitals and medical facilities have begun to serve patients who live in remote places by providing a 360-degree solution with the use of a health information system that complies with regulations.

Technology is the health vertical that has increased in value the most in the MENA area since 2016. This information was found in a 2022 research published by data platform With the region’s healthtech businesses and healthcare app development services receiving over $200 million in venture capital funding since 2016, things are looking up. More local and foreign venture capitalists are eyeing the area and are prepared to drop dry powder. In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) area, where local investors predominate, venture capitalists (VCs) are the primary source of investment for health IT businesses. 80% of venture capital funding since 2016 has come from domestic investors.

Technology Consulting: The boon to Healthcare in Dubai, UAE

The delivery of medical services is undergoing a fundamental transition, which is causing a state of flux in technology consulting for healthcare in the UAE region. The dynamics of the market have shifted due to a high burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and rising expectations.

Leaders and software development companies in Dubai, UAE in the healthcare sector confirm that digital technology is best suited to address the problems confronting the sector. Elie Chaillot, the President and CEO of GE Healthcare’s International division, concurs that digitalization plays a critical role in standardizing and enhancing healthcare workflows, which in turn lowers costs and errors.

There is a lot of room for individualized care thanks to healthcare IT solutions like wearable technology like GE Healthcare’s Portrait Mobile and AI-powered diagnostics.

Here are some ways technology will drive an impact in the healthcare sector for the UAE region:

  1. Aligning Strategic Healthcare Goals
    Organizations and software development services in UAE can meet the changing healthcare needs of their people by implementing transformation efforts and developing strategic plans with the assistance of technology consulting firms. They carry out in-depth market analysis, evaluate present operational capacities, and support the creation of customized plans that satisfy regional needs and organizational objectives.
  2. Process Optimization Across Sectors
    Healthcare consulting firms help businesses maximize resource utilization, streamline operations, and improve operational effectiveness. They use data-driven approaches and healthcare innovation MDE like Lean Six Sigma to find waste, improve patient flow, and pinpoint process bottlenecks. Healthcare providers in the Middle East can provide patient-centered, cost-effective, high-quality care by streamlining their operations.
  3. Movement Towards Digital
    There’s a significant shift in patient preference for online psychological consultations, which can be attributed to the shift away from paper forms and in-person scheduling towards digitalization. Online consultations are making healthcare, especially mental health support, more accessible to millions of people in the region. This is due to a variety of factors, including the convenience of telehealth solutions MDE with a medical expert from the comfort of your own home or living in a remote, rural community with little access to psychological support services. Altibbi’s online consultations increased by 13% in 2021 as a result of new procedures brought about by digitalization.

Healthcare Technology Consulting Continues to Grow in Dubai

Private investments in the digital health space have grown moderately as a result of significant mergers and acquisitions. With the UAE being among the top countries in the world for using digitized public services, there has been a significant increase in patient engagement with digital technology for managing long-term diseases.

By bridging the industrial gaps and healthcare cost reduction in Dubai, health information exchange platforms like Malaffi, which are developing predictive AI models to predict health, reduce cost risks, and improve patient outcomes, appear to be accelerating the sector’s growth. Growing numbers of private start-ups operating in the digital healthcare field and rising adoption of the same will propel the market’s size.

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