By uniting pharmacies and partners to provide a broad selection of health and wellness products, 1000Farmacie, an innovative e-pharmacy platform in Italy, has completely transformed the sector. Its user-friendly design and effective delivery service have helped it become more well-known in Italy’s rapidly expanding pharmaceutical industry. The blog discusses the initial challenges that 1000Farmacies encountered and how Tntra’s solutions resulted in a highly efficient web and mobile application that resulted in a 240% rise in its CAGR. This change resulted in a notable user surge and elevated 1000Farmacie to the forefront of the Italian e-pharmacy market.

The Italian e-pharmacy platform 1000Farmacie offers a wide selection of health and wellness products by seamlessly combining pharmacies, parapharmacies, and a variety of partners. From initial chat or phone consultations to product delivery right to your door, they are fully committed to providing excellent customer assistance. Through the years, the platform has effectively shipped thousands of orders throughout Italy by utilizing a network of more than sixty pharmacies and committed partners who have chosen to entrust 1000Farmacie with their products.

1000Farmacie is an online pharmacy app that provides customers with an extensive range of parapharmaceutical goods that can be purchased online in Italy. In addition to doorstep delivery ease, the site provides a wealth of resources, including accurate, reliable, and authoritative information about medications and parapharmaceuticals. Because of the skill of their committed professionals, they help people use these items securely and efficiently.

With a strong focus on improving their client’s health and well-being and dedication to providing exceptional customer service, 1000Farmacie has become a significant participant in the Italian e-pharmacy market. With cutting-edge technology, a strong partner network, and a steadfast commitment to user-friendly design, the platform keeps raising the bar for online health and well-being solutions.

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The Robust Growth of Italy’s Pharmaceutical Industry

Italy is one of the major international pharmaceutical markets, according to Statista. This country in Southern Europe was ranked sixth in the world’s top pharmaceutical marketplaces as of 2020. The pharmaceutical industry in Italy has expanded significantly in several areas, including trade, investments, added value, and production. Italy leads the European Union in innovation, accounting for 22% of all permitted clinical trials carried out in the region. 

Employing about 66,500 people at 170 locations, the pharmaceutical industry in Italy makes a substantial economic contribution to the country. With strong exports driving much of its growth, this industry contributes significantly to Italy’s GDP, which is about 2%. The business has grown rapidly over the last five years, as evidenced by the rise in output values, which have already reached €34 billion. Notably, exports have significantly increased by 65% since 2015.

The e-pharmacy marketplace in Italy is expected to grow by more than USD 1.6 billion between 2023 and 2028, according to a study paper by Bonafide study titled “Italy E-Pharmacy Market Overview, 2028”. In Italy, e-pharmacies offer significant benefits in terms of time and money savings. Because they may avoid the frequently long lines and wait times found in traditional pharmacies, customers save time.

Another Statista study projects that the online pharmacy business in Italy will generate US$1.09 billion in sales by 2023. From 2023 to 2028, it is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.28%, with a projected market volume of US$1.86 billion by that time. By 2028, user penetration is expected to reach 37.79%, up from 25.91% in 2023. We anticipate the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) will be approximately US$67.57. 

Several e-pharmacies have emerged in Italy due to the country’s online pharmacy industry’s growth. Among them, 1000Farmacie is a notable online pharmacy platform. Since its founding in May 2020, the business has grown significantly, turning over half a million euros in revenue in a comparatively short time. It has about fifty thousand customers and has raised 1.5 million euros in investment. With the help of this funding, the company has been able to increase staff size and broaden its activities throughout Italy.

Revolutionizing the 1000Farmacie Experience with Tntra’s Software Product Engineering Solutions

Bringing pharmacies and partners together to offer a wide range of health and well-being items, 1000Farmacie is an innovative online pharmacy store in Italy. Known for its easy-to-use interface and effective delivery service, it has quickly acquired popularity, serving a large clientele and being a vital part of Italy’s booming pharmaceutical industry.

However, the beginning was not all smooth for the online medical store. 1000Farmacie saw the need for improved e-pharmacy solutions and worked to resolve issues with the UI/UX of its outdated website, limiting mobile responsiveness. In addition, lower client retention was the outcome of not functioning payment channels. This offered a vital chance to take advantage of the shortcomings of traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacies. To take advantage of the limitations of the traditional brick-and-mortar channels, the 1000Farmacie decided to win over its internal challenges. 

1) Challenges Faced by 1000Farmacie

The online pharmacy website, 1000Farmacie, encountered several technical and business challenges in its operations. These hurdles necessitated strategic software engineering solutions to enhance efficiency and provide optimal customer service.

  • Technical Difficulties:
    • Obsolete UI/UX Design: The platform’s usefulness and attractiveness were hampered by the outdated user interface and user experience.
    • Lack of Responsiveness to Mobile Views: 93% of the Italian population is now online. Customers using phones or tablets to access the platform were not provided a satisfactory user experience because the website was not mobile-friendly.
    • Absence of Working Payment Gateways: Customers found it difficult to complete online transactions when there were no dependable payment gateways, which reduced customer retention.
  • Business Challenges:
    • Frequent Product Shortages at Traditional Pharmacies: Customers were unsatisfied when traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacies could not keep enough items in stock.
    • Unique Pricing Structures at Different Pharmacies: The problem of different pricing structures at various traditional pharmacies is addressed by the 1000Farmacie e-pharmacy marketplace solutions. Each pharmacy had its pricing structure in the past, making it difficult for customers to compare costs and choose the best offer.
    • Decrease in Physical Visits to Pharmacies during the Pandemic:  The COVID-19 epidemic caused a sharp decline in in-person pharmacy visits, forcing a move toward online transactions.
    • Lack of a Payment Gateway and Safe Authorization System for Online Transactions: The platform’s inability to process online payments through a dependable payment gateway and safe authorization system made it difficult for eCommerce transactions to proceed without hiccups.

2) Web and Mobile App Development Solution Provided by Tntra

Tntra revolutionized the online pharmacy industry by delivering top-notch web and mobile app development solutions tailored specifically for 1000Farmacie to be amongst the best online pharmacies. The solution was aimed at ensuring a seamless user experience and advanced functionality.

  • Initiated the process with code refactoring to optimize performance.
  • Tntra implemented innovative features in the 1000Farmacie online pharmacy app to elevate its functionality. These additions encompassed membership, payments, product recommendations, prescription services, cart optimization, and more.
  • Resolved payment-related challenges through the implementation of various methods:
    • Pay with Card
    • Pay through Paypal
    • Pay via Gpay / ApplePay
    • Cash on Delivery (COD) options are also made available
  • The overhaul of the payment gateway helped to better the consumer checkout experience.
  • Tntra suggested various UI revamps to prioritize a mobile-first approach. Our team made substantial enhancements to the user interface (UI) of the e-pharmacy platform, guaranteeing effortless navigation on various screen sizes such as mobiles and tablets. 
  • Introduced multi-store and location support for comprehensive analysis of profit, loss, stock levels, etc., across all stores
  • Conducted updates on both Android and iOS mobile apps to ensure compatibility and performance improvements.

3) A New Mobile and Web Application: Business Impact

With a focus on innovation-driven software product engineering, a user-centric approach, and efficient project management, Tntra successfully developed the best online pharmacy app in Italy, serving both mobile and web users.

In just one month following the launch of the redesigned online pharmacy store, the platform’s user base increased by nearly three times. The improved website and release of the mobile application triggered an outstanding increase in 1000Farmacies’ Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), which skyrocketed by 240%.

The client’s consumer base grew due to Tntra’s user-friendly platform, which improved the purchasing experience. 1000Farmacie increased its customer base by increasing its visibility to customers through efficient SEO optimization. Enhancements to the search results had a direct effect on sales and promoted the online pharmacy app’s long-standing inventory to rotate.

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Tntra, a leading software product engineering company, played a pivotal role in catapulting 1000Farmacie to success with its IP-led software engineering solutions. The remarkable 240% surge in Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) underscores the transformative impact of Tntra’s capabilities. 

Tntra strengthened its position in Italy’s thriving e-pharmacy market and improved the platform’s functionality by resolving technical and business issues. This collaboration is a prime example of how cutting-edge technology may completely transform healthcare accessibility.

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