Smart digital solutions offer a distinct competitive advantage by enabling companies to upgrade their processes and build innovative products. Today, smart digitization contributes heavily to business excellence by improving productivity, enhancing customer service, and building a connected organization. Whether it’s a B2C or B2B company, digital solutions have paved the way for more innovative business solutions. This blog highlights how smart digital solutions like AI, ML, IoT, and more elevate business excellence across organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Leading sports shoe manufacturer, NIKE is increasingly concentrating on mobile devices. It makes use of cutting-edge technology like machine learning and AI algorithms for accelerating business performance.

Using a technology called the leg scan, one of the company’s smartphone apps, assists in selecting the ideal shoe. Scanning the feet yields a 13-point map of the foot. Furthermore, the application offers businesses useful data for developing footwear projects in the future.

One of the company’s most significant initiatives is the NIKE Plus loyalty program, which recognizes its most frequent participants. Following the implementation of the solution, sales in Japan grew dramatically, and the Nike SNKRS application also saw a 100% rise in sales.

In the instance of Nike, innovation has also resulted in the modernization of internal company operations. Digitizing 6,000-footwear materials allows design teams to work more quickly and effectively, which has a direct impact on how quickly they can respond to market requests.

Today, Nike has a strong hold on the footwear market. By incorporating digital technologies, the company can achieve market relevance. Nike is moving towards advanced technologies and digital strategies to serve modern consumers.

Smart Digital Initiatives by the Numbers

By 2025, at least 90% of enterprise apps will incorporate AI technology into their processes. With the increasing interest in AI and ML technologies and the benefits they showcase, investments in digital solutions will increase twofold. 

Research and Markets indicate that the Internet of Things (IoT) held the highest proportion of the digital transformation market overall in 2019. Today, AR/VR technology is expected to develop at the quickest rate until 2025.

According to Gartner, 60% of mainstream businesses will focus on being a composable firm as a strategic target. It will enable them to roll out new features 8 times faster than their rivals. Technology will play a key role in bringing digital transformation success. Process transformation will take utmost priority. 

When it comes to small and mid-sized businesses, 57% of owners feel that they need to improve their IT infrastructure to maximize profitability. It will help to optimize their operations and help them outsmart their competition. 

How Smart Digitization Contributes to Business Excellence?

Organizations can attain highly ambitious operational aims and enhance their business operations by implementing digital technologies. 

Businesses may make a real step shift in performance by leveraging intelligent business solutions and analytics to underpin the principles of operational excellence and adding a laser-like focus on holistic effect.

By providing improved visibility throughout the value chain, including digital transactions and logistics—for instance, our warehouses’ internal systems and processes—digitalization enables us to provide the best possible service to our clients. Additionally, it enables us to enhance the lives of those in the working world by increasing productivity while also enhancing their quality of life and freeing up time for more enriching pursuits.

Here’s how digital solutions can help achieve business excellence in the modern business world – 

  • Amplify Customer Satisfaction
    • Expectations from customers are higher than ever. Customers desire individualized services that cater to their specific demands, on the one hand. However, they prefer that things be done automatically and that they don’t have to deal with people doing things like accessing, upgrading, or turning on and off software.
    • Implementing strong digital tools and tactics, such as automated processes and license modifications based on geography or industry, is one of the most obvious benefits of digitalization for businesses. A direct result of these smart digital solutions is higher client satisfaction.
  • Build a Connected Organization
    • While there are several benefits to digitalization, most businesses use technology as a catalyst to build an environment that is flexible and sustainable. It not only attends to operational efficiency along the entire value chain, but it also highlights different stakeholders. 
    • A business is significantly closer to creating a linked and well-networked organization when they accelerate digital transformation.
  • Reduce Transaction Costs
    • Companies can gain more insight into future paths and their likelihood of being cost-effective by setting and testing new goals in a low-risk environment. Startups are great illustrations of businesses that exclusively use digital innovation
    • Their business models are predicated on the uncertainty of their future. They must test and test again if they are to succeed. Today, the company’s ability to adapt will determine its success. 
  • Control the Supply Chain
    • Your company may give more value to your customers and shorten the value chain thanks to digitization and new technologies. Companies may now handle all aspects of distribution, marketing, and brand awareness independently.
    • Even if you don’t know anything about web programming or design, you can still get started with ecommerce web builder platforms like Shopify or Magento. When your online store is prepared, you may use AdWords, Facebook and Twitter ads, and other online ad campaigns to drive traffic. 

Digital Solutions Keep You Relevant

Today, digital solutions have taken the world by storm. Not only do they provide a way to improve processes, but they also help to achieve the overall organizational goals. Competition is increasing rapidly, and organizations must stay at the top of their game. Digital strategies and solutions help to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and transform the company into a connected enterprise.

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