For effective digital transformation solutions, choosing the right technology consulting partner is essential. A smooth transfer is ensured by assessing important factors such as experience, adaptability, communication, customer focus, and shared values. The dynamic environment of technology consulting solutions is expanding significantly due to increased demand from around the world. Select a partner who perfectly harmonizes with your goals and vision for a successful digital transformation. This blog will help you understand the factors you should consider while selecting the right technology consulting company for digital transformation.

The BMW Group, a well-known international manufacturer of cars and motorcycles, and Adobe have expanded their partnership to improve BMW with digital transformation solutions for the sales and marketing department. The goal of this strategic alliance is to deliver customized digital experiences by leveraging the Adobe Experience Cloud. The BMW Group, which includes BMW, Rolls-Royce, MINI, and BMW Motorrad, has set an ambitious goal to enable online sales of 25% of its car lineup within the next three years.

Acknowledging the importance of data, BMW envisions a suite of personalized and data-centric technology consulting solutions. The BMW Group wants to provide customers with a comprehensive mix of online and offline experiences, including customized vehicles, doorstep delivery, and personalized after-sales services.

BMW Group uses Adobe Experience Cloud’s integrated features to link online and offline retail seamlessly, guaranteeing consistent and well-targeted customer experiences across all channels. This involves using only permitted customer information and maintaining a solid commitment to protecting personal data. 

Through the website, prospects can access comprehensive vehicle and service details, utilizing an online configurator for personalized vehicle creation. Customers can then decide whether to contact their preferred dealer for last-minute customizations based on their online history or finish the purchase online and have it delivered right to their door. 

This creative strategy is a perfect example of BMW Group’s dedication to providing data-driven technology consulting services that redefine the car consumer experience. 

Source: Adobe and Enterprise Times 

Evolving Landscape of Technology Consulting Solutions and Digital Transformation Services

As per Industry Research Co., the market for technology strategy consulting grew significantly in 2022, reaching a total value of USD 906.47 million. From 2022 to 2028, it is expected to rise at a consistent CAGR of 4.49%, reaching USD 1179.67 million. With an estimated total income output of US$24,540.00 million in 2023, the United States is expected to top the world in this regard.

The global market for digital transformation services is expected to grow at a remarkable rate of 16.5% CAGR from 2020 to 2025, when it is expected to reach $1,009.8 billion from $469.8 billion in 2020. According to IDC, direct expenditures in digital transformation are expected to soar to $7 trillion at an astounding compound annual growth rate of 18% between 2020 and 2023. The reason for this increase is that businesses are leveraging their current investments and plans to transform into future digitally scaled businesses.

By 2025, digital transformation is expected to boost the world economy by an astounding $100 trillion, according to the World Economic Forum. Furthermore, it is projected that by the same year, almost two-thirds of the $100 trillion value generated by digitalization will come via platform-driven interactions.

With 56% of CEOs acknowledging that digital transformation has helped to boost revenues and 89% of companies already prioritizing or planning a digital-first strategy, the transformative power of technology consulting is evident. Gartner predicts that by 2022, 90% of corporate strategies will highlight information as a crucial asset and analytics as a vital competency. To utilize the potential of data analytics in decision-making, more enterprises will partner with software product engineering services to develop custom systems. As per research by Alida (formerly Vision Critical), 39% of high-performing companies have seamlessly integrated their digital and physical strategies.

The trends suggest an increase in the acceptance of enterprise technology consulting services. Even though 70% of digital transformation initiatives fail, more businesses are seeking professional help to set up their digital infrastructure.

Key Criteria for Evaluating Technology Consulting Services for Digital Transformation

Selecting the ideal technology consulting partner is important for successful digital transformation initiatives. With many options available, finding a reliable provider of digital transformation consulting services is a critical decision. The following points should help you select the best software product engineering company like Tntra to help you with your digitization ambitions. 

Various firms may have different requirements, thus, selecting a technology consulting partner will rely on their specifications.  

  1. Understand your Needs

Knowing your needs is the first step toward a successful digital transformation. It entails an in-depth assessment of the difficulties, procedures, and goals for the future. The foundation for choosing the best technology consulting partner is established. Gaining a thorough understanding of your needs will help you make sure the technology provider of choice matches their experience with your particular aims and objectives for a smooth and successful transformation process.

  1. Check for Expertise

It’s critical to evaluate the experience of a potential technology consulting company before hiring them for your digital transformation. Ask about their portfolio and determine if they have a track record of achieving favorable results in similar industries. A track record of accomplishment demonstrates they possess expertise, leadership, and adaptability—all of which are essential for the success of the transformation initiative. 

  1. Flexibility 

It’s critical to choose a partner who emphasizes flexibility and collaboration when looking for a digital transformation services provider. Collaboration is essential for the partnership to succeed. The ideal consultant won’t take an unreasonably strict stance and will be willing to make the required changes as your company grows and changes over time.

  1. Communication

For digital transformation consulting to be successful, effective communication is essential. Ensuring alignment amongst teams is crucial. Ask about the consulting partner’s post-agreement onboarding procedure and communication plan. Record the synchronization process, considering variables such as time zones, team availability, and the extent to which both sides are involved in different project components. Transparency in communication is essential for a smooth transition to digital transformation.

  1. Focus on Clients

It’s important to consider how committed a potential business transformation partner is to helping your company, particularly during difficult times. Examine their willingness to go above and beyond project expectations, adherence to protocol, and record of exceeding expectations. Before making a choice, this thorough thought process is crucial.

  1. Business Values

For a digital transformation project to be successful, you and your technology partner must have the same work ethics, perspectives, goals, and procedures. To come up with a winning plan, they have to understand and respect your transformation goals. To find out if they can verify and support your vision for the digital transformation journey, share your goals, and ask for an execution plan.

  1. Performance Evaluation

In selecting a digital transformation consultancy, it’s imperative to assess their capacity for quantitatively gauging progress towards desired outcomes. For example, the consulting should set up precise, tactical measurements at regular intervals during implementation cycles, whether it is evaluating revenue-generating channels or cost-saving initiatives. This highlights how crucial data-driven decision-making is to ongoing improvement.

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The dynamic landscape of technology consulting solutions and digital transformation services is witnessing substantial growth, driven by a surge in global demand. Selecting the right software product engineering company, such as Tntra, is pivotal for a successful digitization journey. 

By considering critical criteria like expertise, flexibility, communication, client focus, shared values, and performance evaluation, businesses can navigate this transformation effectively. Embracing the transformative power of technology consulting will be instrumental in shaping a prosperous digital future. Choose a software product engineering partner that aligns seamlessly with your vision and objectives for a thriving digital transformation journey.
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