Digital transformation and innovation in Japan in 2023 are because of the adoption of advanced technologies. Globally, it stands in third place, being cited as the leading modern economy. It is a world leader in digital infrastructures as it adopts a high level of advanced technologies. You can watch out for digital transformation in Japan from retail to weather forecasts to IT sectors. Digital transition in the country has revolutionized industry operations by providing complete accessibility. Moreover, digital upskilling in the country is helping the Japanese people to comply with modern industrial requirements.

Well, Japan’s digital transformation will reach new heights with the building of a decentralized IoT platform. CollaboGate Japan has partnered with Tessera Technology to build Japan’s first decentralized IoT platform. Companies in the region can use the hardware-based security functionality of the Renesas Microcontrollers. It will help in verifying the contactless transaction done by the IoT devices.

These companies will be helping with contactless transactions because the pandemic has given way to this option. Digital technology in Japan will be at another level in the finance sector with the availability of this first decentralized ID platform. Tokyo-based company CG will create this platform and will be named UNiD. There is another platform already in existence with the TSSR. It is Yokohama-based and has a stronghold in the IoT sector. 

After COVID-19, consumers look forward to contactless transactions, and businesses are watching great potential in this market. Moreover, the IoT-applied device market of Japan will give an edge to the financial services industry in Japan. The increased use of IoT will help support a sustainable future and reduce inequality.

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A Quick Insight into Statistical Analysis of Digital Transformation in Japan

Japan has highly adopted IP-led product engineering services from the reputed digital transformation service provider. The country leads the OECD over mobile broadband connectivity with 168 subscriptions taken by 100 inhabitants. The country has the 2nd highest ratio of fiber connections in fixed broadband, which is 77%. 47% of the firms use the cloud computing service, and the country invests 6% of its GDP in ICT equipment.

In 2020, Japan has grown economically in sectors like education, manufacturing, automotive, digital transformation healthcare, etc. The private and public sector valuation of the digital landscape is more than $1 billion. Japan is taking transformative steps in the digital landscape by planning to triple the digital talent, using advanced technologies, improving cybersecurity, and increasing the hiring of IT talent beyond 70%.

According to Statista, Japan’s computing market will grow at a CAGR of 1.36% between 2023 and 2028. The computing value generated per person in Japan will be $83.92 by 2023. 


Another report by FDI Intelligence states that the wave of Japanese digital transformation will be at an all-time high. IMF has already regarded the country as both the innovator and the laggard. Adopting AI, ML, IoT, Society 5.0, Quantum Computing, etc., will drive the country’s digital economy. The country is already contributing 30% towards semiconductor manufacturing and 50% towards providing semiconductor materials. Japan does a record expenditure of $2.4 billion in internet infrastructure and ICT markets. Moreover, Google will invest $730 million in the country to establish its first data center in Chiba in 2023.

Digital Transformation in Japan: An Insight into the Contribution of Emerging Technologies

Japan’s digital economy has taken a front seat after the pandemic with the billion-dollar investments made in its digital transformation sector. However, a few latest and most advanced technologies are already supporting the digital landscape in the country. Read further to know more!

  • Industry Robot Technology 
    • Japan is the leader in using robotics for automating industrial and manufacturing operations. The experts will now combine the technology with an open-source deep learning framework. It will help robots to make judgments in complex situations. The learning can also be shared among robots to increase efficiency.
  • IoT 
    • We just talked about the applied devices used in the Internet of Things in the country. The IoT is changing the life of Japanese people by making operations bright, whether it is to run appliances at home or work in intelligent factories. The government is already evaluating smart houses to boost the digital landscape. The factories are using IoT for digital transformation and increasing the working speed.
  • Society 5.0 
    • As the world is watching the Industry 4.0 revolution, Japan is preparing for Society 5.0. The project will apply to agriculture, industrial, IT, and other sectors. The ultra-smart society things will be added under this core project by integrating it with IoT. The government is encouraging startups and SMEs to develop innovations to be used in Society 5.0.
  • Artificial Intelligence 
    • The Japanese firms are taking the AI and ML concepts seriously. Most of the companies have their patented AI developments. Majorly AI is used in healthcare and smart home projects under Society 5.0. Robotics is also used in collaboration with AI to resolve industry problems and bring about predictive pattern change.

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