In 2004, Java became the first programming language to venture into interplanetary space exploration. For three months, NASA was using the Java-based Maestro Science Activity Planner to control the Spirit Mars exploration rover. The creation of a command and control system for the 1995 Mars Sojourner began the journey of Java at NASA.

Similarly, WorldWind is an open-source SDK for a virtual globe that offers Java programmers the ability to use the geographic rendering engine. It was a transformative technology that would enable organizations to monitor weather patterns, track vehicle movement, visualize cities and terrain, and analyze geospatial data. 

Along with that, JavaFX Deep Space Trajectory Explorer is another project that lets designers calculate deep space three-body system paths and orbits. It creates multidimensional views for any planet-moon system and filters millions of points in a dense visual search. 

(Source: Oracle)

The Java Development Landscape 

9.35% of the companies use Java programming language. In TIOBE’s index for August 2022, Java is the third most popular programming language. It helps developers to simplify the app development process for complex enterprise solutions. 

The supply chain is an essential part of the retail and manufacturing industry. 6% of companies in the retail industry use Java. On the other hand, 4% of manufacturing companies use the programming language. Java for supply chain management is essential to achieve efficiency. 

72% of developers use Java 8 for development. It is the latest version of Java that enables enterprises to optimize their performance. Java for supply chain management software/application is crucial for simplifying operations.

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Java for Supply Chain Management Software

Supply chain management software is almost always for the enterprise. Logistics companies have complex requirements. Java for supply chain management software makes sense because it breaks down the complexity. 

Java logistics projects also require high performance. Features like geo-tracking, inventory management, and real-time shipping updates – all call for powerful solutions that can handle heavy requests. Java development services can easily manage this process.

Here are a couple of reasons to choose Java for supply chain management software:

  1. Stable Language
    Probably one of the biggest advantages of Java is its stability. The language has been in existence for over 20 years. It has gone through multiple updates. Multiple testing techniques minimize issues in the application. Java can handle all development requirements because of its platform-independent nature.
  2. Scalable Applications
    As customers increase and inventory multiples, companies need scalability in their logistics processes.  Therefore, digital and online supply chain applications assist with this process. Java can handle hundreds and thousands of requests simultaneously without any lag in the application. The thousands of code libraries ease the scaling process.
  3. Mobile Development
    Java is a great choice for Android application development. Developers have been using this technology to create Android apps for years. Android SDK enables enterprises to build applications that have simple integrations with both web and mobile. Logistics companies that require smartphone apps for mobility and portability can benefit greatly from Java.

Apart from these 3 benefits, Java also offers high performance. It has a wide community, and the programming languages keep getting constant updates. There are diverse libraries. Companies like Netflix, Tesla, Netbeans, and organizations like NASA use the programming language for development.

Wrapping Up

Java offers a range of advantages that make it suitable for supply chain management software development. With the increasing complexity of development, it is important to choose a technology that eases the entire process. Java can help with creating feature-rich supply chain solutions and maximize operational efficiency.  

Implementing Java in enterprise systems and supply chain software can be challenging. Tntra has Java experts who can create high-quality solutions for enterprises.

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