Strategic alliances that bring together knowledge, resources, and a shared vision are necessary in the dynamic environment of digital transformation and innovation. In this regard, Tntra, an outstanding technology company with a global innovation ecosystem, has announced its cooperation with Seed Group, a company of the Private Office of Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum. 

This strategic partnership seeks to assist businesses and entrepreneurs in the MENA, GCC, and UAE regions as they set their digital transformation journeys and create solutions that fit the future. This alliance can potentially revolutionize the technology landscape in key industries by utilizing Tntra’s extensive experience and cutting-edge ecosystem.

From left to right: Mehul Desai, Chairman and Co-founder of Tntra; Hisham Al Gurg, CEO of Seed Group and the Private Office of Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum; Shardul Bhatt, CEO and Co-founder of Tntra

Tntra and Seed Group Partnership: Why Should You Be Interested?

The Seed Group and Tntra, a software product engineering services enterprise, have partnered to provide businesses in the MENA, GCC, and UAE regions with a formidable combination of resources and knowledge. Here’s why you should be interested in the offerings provided by Tntra and Seed Group:

  1. IP-Led Engineering
    • Tntra provides IP-led software engineering services that let companies create specialized products while securing their inventions. This guarantees that companies can remain competitive in the market.
  1. Knowledge Exchange
    • Tntra has broadened its Enterprise Platform (Yntra) and Academy (Gurukula) to support knowledge exchange among businesses, academic institutions, and governmental organizations engaged in innovation and workforce development. This encourages a culture of lifelong learning and development.
  1. Support for Startups
    • Tntra’s Incubator and Ventures Fund offers support and mentorship for aspiring entrepreneurs’ businesses. As a result, the GCC/MENA area has a thriving startup culture that supports innovation.
  1. Global Collaboration 
    • The alliance between Tntra and Seed Group promotes international cooperation by utilizing their complementary strengths to produce a sustainable global effect. Businesses now have the chance to access global markets and work with foreign partners.

How Can Tntra and Seed Group Help Businesses in Dubai – UAE, GCC, and MENA Region?

Tntra is a prestigious software development company in Dubai, UAE with over two decades of expertise worldwide in software product engineering, IT services, process re-engineering, digital transformation, innovation, and entrepreneurship. 

As an official partner of Seed Group, Tntra provides exceptional capabilities to serve people, businesses, and incubators across the MENA, GCC, and UAE regions.

  1. Tntra Diamond
    • Tntra Diamond offers a comprehensive approach to assist enterprises in navigating the interplay between Business Process Re-engineering and Digital Transformation. As businesses face the challenge of catching up with digital transformation while managing complex processes and IT assets, Tntra Diamond ensures that enterprises stay ahead in the transformation curve while optimizing their business processes to meet the new economy’s demands.
  1. Unique Methodologies
    • Tntra’s software development methodologies are a set of proven frameworks and practices that drive the development of user-centric software products and solutions. These methodologies empower enterprises to build and deploy remarkable and powerful products across multiple domains. 
    • Additionally, they enhance organizational efficiency and structure, minimizing inefficiencies in the development process. Tntra’s experienced leadership has tailored unique and patented methodologies for FinTech, Healthcare, Supply Chain, and New Economy industries.
  1. Tntra Academy (Gurukula)
    • Gurukula or Academy is Tntra’s “Future-of-Work” solution that comprises of cutting-edge technology platform deployed as Software-as-a-Service or Platform-as-a-Service, supported by a unique mentorship design and content library. Gurukula is domain and industry-agnostic and can be customized for small to large enterprises and offered to individuals who would like to enhance their skills and stay relevant in the marketplace.
  1. Enterprise Platform (Yntra) 
    • Yntra, Tntra’s cloud-based Enterprise Platform, offers Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions to the Tntra ecosystem and SME companies worldwide. It provides advanced tools and technologies to drive innovation and growth. It productizes our unique methodologies for scoping,  
  1. Compliance and Localization

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The Road Ahead

The future of Tntra in Dubai, UAE holds immense potential, especially considering the government programs and initiatives aimed at supporting digital development. With the UAE’s focus on digital transformation and the country’s vision to become a global leader in technology and innovation, Tntra is well-positioned to contribute significantly to driving sustainable growth and development.

By leveraging their partnership and expertise, Tntra can actively contribute to the UAE’s National Digital Transformation Committee’s goals outlined in the UAE Digital Government Strategy 2025. Their collective knowledge and resources can support the government’s efforts in creating a fast internet connection, secure digital infrastructure, and user-driven, data-driven, and proactive digital services. Tntra’s engineering services, including IP-led product development and legacy system modernization, align with the UAE’s vision of a resilient, fit-for-the-digital-age government.

Furthermore, Tntra and Seed Group’s collaboration can align with the “Projects of the 50,” which aim to accelerate the UAE’s development and establish its status as a comprehensive hub across sectors, including the digital economy and advanced technologies. Tntra’s capabilities in FinTech, HealthTech, IoT, Supply Chain, Advanced Manufacturing, and the New Economy perfectly align with the key sectors covered by these projects. By leveraging Tntra’s expertise, the UAE can foster innovation, attract talents and investors, and establish itself as a global destination for cutting-edge solutions and technologies.

The government programs in the UAE, such as NAFIS, BASHER, and Fazaa, provide additional opportunities for Tntra to contribute. Tntra’s Incubator and Ventures fund can support aspiring entrepreneurs and human resources, aligning with the goals of these programs. By offering resources, mentorship, and funding, Tntra can empower local talents, enhance workforce development, and contribute to the overall growth of the UAE’s digital economy.

Tntra is well-equipped to embrace the UAE’s digital vision, revolutionize the technology landscape, and create a lasting impact across critical sectors. Our collective knowledge, access to decision-makers, and alignment with government initiatives make us uniquely positioned to drive sustainable growth, foster innovation, and contribute to the UAE’s transformation into a global digital powerhouse.
Are you looking for a software product engineering company in the UAE? Partner with Tntra, an official partner of the Seed Group, to digitally transform your enterprise.