Deploy Machine Learning Models Effectively

Tntra offers expertise in data-driven ML solutions for digital transformation.

Why Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is the basis of smart organizations. The building, training, and deploying of Machine Learning models is crucial to solving complex, data-based business problems.

Accelerate Productivity

Generate better outcomes from massive data inputs by processing them efficiently.

Business Scalability

Innovative business models to scale business and drive performance optimization.

Data-driven Decisions

Ensure better business decision-making based on valuable data inputs & insights.

Data Protection

Deploy Machine Learning models for mitigating data vulnerabilities & human errors.

Smart automation

Combined Machine Learning with RPA to achieve accuracy in business processes.

Better Efficiency

Improve business efficiency by optimizing time-consuming processes and systems.

Tntra’s Machine Learning Expertise

We work with statisticians, data scientists, and Machine Learning engineers to develop the perfect model for deployment. Tntra helps to initiate digital transformation through data & analytics.

Here’s our comprehensive Machine Learning ideology:

Data Acquisition

Refining the Dataset

Validating Input Data

Model Development

Training ML Model

Deploying the Model

Obtaining Predictions

Reporting Insights

Model Monitoring

We offer end-to-end Machine Learning solutions. Tntra collaborates with industry-leading Machine Learning experts and data scientists to support organizational deployment. Combined with deep learning, we also help in developing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality models.

Our Machine Learning Services

Tntra provides 4 primary Machine Learning services.

Machine Learning Consulting

We solve complex business problems through supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning. Our consulting team also provides assistance for anomaly detection.

Predictive Analytics

We offer predictive analytics to improve sales, logistics optimization, fraud detection, and more. Our experts analyze datasets and deploy models to increase result accuracy.

Model Development

We build algorithmic Machine Learning models based on your business requirements. Our experts develop models using different methodologies to achieve business goals.

Deep Learning

We develop artificial neural networks to extend Machine Learning into Deep Learning. We build systems that can learn and perform operations without human intervention.

Tntra’s Machine Learning Capabilities

Machine Learning engineers at Tntra are adept in multiple areas of expertise include:

Data Mining

Computer Vision

Image Recognition

Pattern Recognition

Natural Language Processing

Data Analytics

Machine Learning Technologies


Google Cloud AutoML

Sci-kit Learn



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